Listed below are all forty-eight laws of power from Robert Greene’s famous book, 48 Laws of Power.

The Forty-Eight Laws of Power is a must read, and I believe everyone should have this book in their library (and if you don’t have a library you better get yourself one ASAP).

That being said, not every law has to be put into practice – it depends on the situation. There are times when you have to make use of reversals, which will become evident to you to once you make a habit of ruminating over these laws, and keenly observing the silent warfare that takes place around you, both in your work and in family.

You may find the book repulsive at first, but I assure you, you will eventually start to see how it relates to our corporate and personal life, and how you can leverage it to your advantage.

(If you don’t see all forty-eight of them, that’s because I am still in the process of learning, dissecting and writing my thoughts on them.)