Back in school, we had two Moral Instructions periods per week, abbreviated as MI, which we treated as a free period since our teacher was just as motivated to instruct us in decent moral conduct, as we were eager in adopting them.

Translation: We weren’t.

The classes were dull and boring, as the teacher recited storybooks that even pre-schoolers had enough of, highlighting morals towards the end of each session. The morals were so cliché and childish that even 5th graders like us at the time, knew it was full of crap.

Lets go through a few before diving into our Juicy law of Power.

“A friend in need, is a friend indeed.”

Nope, a friend in need, is a friend chained up in deed.

This is why they often end up resentful, because now they know they owe you. Also, since you were in a position to help them, they will become jealous, erroneously assuming you are privileged from birth which is why you are in a much better position than they are or ever will be.

Following this line of logic, they also assume you will never have to face the sort of tribulations they had to endure thanks to your “privilege” of being born into the right family, circumstance and job. This insecurity of theirs paradoxically motivates them to keep demanding more from you.

If by chance, you refuses to help them, they then instantaneously morph into enemies; regardless of the circumstances you might be facing yourself, which led you to refuse their plea for help.

Why won’t you help me?! I thought we were friends! Ah, you know what? We really “were” friends.

“Treat Others The Way You Wish To Be Treated” or “Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”

If you treat others with the expectation that they will return the favour, then you are suffering from Mr.Nice Guy syndrome.

You have to treat others regardless of whether they will view you favourably or not. If you are always worried about how others perceive you, that will only serve to handicap you and make you easier to manipulate.

You have to understand when to give importance to what scenarios.

When you encounter situations where the stakes are high, like in corporate zones or family disputes, it would do you good to treat people alike, whether they be friends or foe. Stability is what matters most, and even more so, the illusion of it. If you are perceived as a man or women with a bad temperament or impulsive by nature, you can say goodbye to your relations and any invitations to get ahead.

“The Truth Will Set You Free”

Indeed, the truth will set you free from your family, friends, job and society, if you are dumb enough to blabber about it in front of everyone.

What to know what else the truth will set you up for?

It will forever condemn you into a position that you will never recover from. Donald J Trump is a prime example of that. He was banned from all social media outlets, and even the banks have started to cut ties with his organisation one by one. Roosh V had his books taken off Amazon for his decision to go public and redpill the simps and betas about women’s nature. He was booted off PayPal and other services, and it screwed him up so badly that he found Jesus.

Roosh found Jesus and leads a peaceful life on a mountain, lets hope Trump finds his utopian Social Media platform to start venting his frustrations into.

This is what happens when you side with the truth in public. You are advertising yourself as a fool who doesn’t understand the consequences of making enemies out of those who are powerful enough to drive your entire family line into extinction.

These are just few examples, and the list is about to get longer as our Big Tech friends and their CCP counterparts have made it their life’s mission to convert the world into a dystopian hell for the rest of us, and a utopian dream for them, as they will be the self-anointed rulers of the hell they are about to subject us to.

Common Thread Running Through Them

Have you figured it out yet?

“Speak your mind” is an obvious and trite platitude that is routinely passed around in social media, that imparts no wisdom whatsoever.

The assumption here is by speaking freely, you will attract people into your life, who share similar morals and beliefs, and with whom you can forge deep and long lasting relationships. This is true to an extent, however it will also attract rats and fleas and along with them, the diseases they carry.

You can’t publically criticize Islam in Islamic societies like Saudi Arabia or Iran, without having your head lopped off.. You will attract scores of non-muslims to your cause, but you will also attract the executioners and jihadists.

If you are going to speak freely, it has to be done so anonymously.

Remain anonymous or Machiavelli will come to haunt you in your dreams.

As paradoxical as it may seem, anonymity breeds trust. They don’t know you, and you don’t know them, so an exchange of ideas, no matter how personal or radioactive, always ensures a bias free flow of information between the respective parties.

I’ll Ask You Again, Have You Figured It Out Yet?

The key to survive, is to adapt to the hierarchy.

To adapt to any hierarchy, you should obey, or feign commitment. Your masters have a closet filled with enough skeletons to make cemeteries jealous. Also, these very masters don’t wish to have any of them exposed, which is why it is important to CONCEAL YOUR INTENTIONS.

You might be an honest and forthright person, and it although it is the right attitude to cultivate, you have to understand that most people are not honest and forthright in their dealings, because the sort of people you wish to “deal” with are those in positions of power.

To survive, you have to learn to adapt, and by that I do not mean that you should adopt their vices, but to the environment they have cultivated for themselves and coincidentally, for the rest of us.

Importance of Keeping Everything Under Wraps

If you are a black man and believe that the KKK are bunch of looneys(which they are), and you have every intention of bringing them out of their self-induced psychosis and into the light, you aren’t going to get very far by criticising them out in the open.

Daryl Davis was able to achieve the impossible and convert close to 200 KuKluxKlans members back to reality. There is no doubt that Daryl was deeply troubled by what these people believed in and stood for, but he set his feelings aside and initiated a conversation with them. He put on a display of someone who was only curious about the KKK, while somehow managing to hide his shock, disgust and anger about what they stood for and believed in. It took him 30 years to achieve what he did, but it was all worth it.

This is the type of man you ought to look up to, not dumbass rappers who implant pink diamonds into their foreheads.

Success stories like the one mentioned above are few, and most conflicts we engage in our lives revolve around situations we have little to no control over.

You are never going to be as successful as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, and you will never wield the sort of influence and power they do. So stop dreaming if you think you can convince them through the power of friendship to stop making out with China.

Swalwell slept with an Asian spy and is still in office. I bet he sawell into the future and predicted that Biden would snatch the presidency, while he went down on the spy’s snatch.

If you go public with how Bill Gates has a vested interest in the vaccine as their foundation has invested 10 Billion dollars into it, or how he is currently the world’s largest owner of farmland which makes perfect sense since the old farts over at World Economic Forum assured us that in the near future, we will own nothing and will be happy, who do you think is going to believe your conspiracy theories?

All major bought and sold out media outlets want you to believe that the oligarchs have our best interests, so why would you believe some random conspiracy theory?

Folks, we need to cut down on our carbon emissions, so that Bill Gates and the Oligang can keep scaling up their carbon emissions and blame them on us plebs once more.

Where Does This Rule Apply?

It is easy to get distracted with larger than life events that are almost never going to happen to you, like having all social media outlets censor you out of existence like they did with Donald Trump who has been awfully quite for some reason…maybe it’s because he won the election, but lost the war.

Introducing, The Chief Executive Censorer of Twitter.

All of us have people and situations we have to deal with on a daily basis either at work or in our personal life.

That’s where this law comes to our aid.

Family is Important, And You Must Learn To Manipulate Them

Yes, you read that correctly.

Don’t ever make the foolish mistake of assuming every member in your family is fiercely loyal. Many operate covertly and prioritize self-interest over everything else, especially when monetary transactions are involved. Family disputes usually arise from this false belief, and it leaves you broken and miserable.

My uncle made that mistake, and I saw what he had to go through. I hated that side of my family for doing what they did, and I became miserable after seeing how they flourished despite being lying, distrustful scumbags.

But now I understand, that Machiavellian is the way forward.

That does not mean you should cast aside honour, but that you ought to recognize dishonourable men and deal with them accordingly. Lying, cheating scumbags will always be lying, cheating scumbags, and treating them with love and support won’t magically transform them into decent men/women of culture.

They will take advantage of your foolishness.

Even in family, you have to keep your eyes open and maintain distance. I’d even go as far as to say, that maintaining relations in family is much more challenging than maintaining relations at the office. You can walk away from a job you dislike, but you can’t walk away from family. They will come back to haunt you, and you will die in a bed full of regrets.

This is why it is of utmost importance, to screen your spouse before even considering marriage. Although you have no control over the family members she will introduce from their side into your life, you do have control over who you get to live with and endure.

If you marry a meth addict, you get what you deserve.

If you marry a whore, you get what you deserve.

And the children you bring into this world with that meth addicted whore, will reward you for your life choices, by making their own life choice to disassociate from you.

I know Kim isn’t a meth addict, but really, didn’t Kanye see this coming? And they have FOUR kids? May God help the man who tried to run for president in 2020.

Office Shenanigans

Keeping your mouth shut at work is absolutely crucial if you wish to retain your job. We don’t go there to make friends, but to make money.

This is why people are willing to screw you over without batting an eye. Where the opportunities are less, people are going to play games to get ahead. If they get that promotion/bonus/salary hike, that means they are many steps closer to retirement, paying off their mortgage, having their kids attend prestigious universities, increasing their family status and reputation and so on.

Why should they give you a chance in this dog eat dog world?

Its not “unfair”, it just is.

This is why you have to be observant and play accordingly.

To get ahead in office, translates into replacing someone above you. That is never going to happen if you go public about it, thinking it will impress your managers.

They won’t think to themselves “This guy seems confident and has potential, lets give him a chance!”, but instead “This guy seems confident and has potential, lets throw him under the bus lest he steals our jobs!”

In Closing

I would highly recommend you purchase the book and glean its knowledge. NetFlix isn’t going to teach you anything about the world, but Robert Greene and Corporate Machiavelli will.

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