Strategies that work best are often simple in design. There is nothing esoteric about them, and most, if not all, boil down to when, where and how you execute them.

We have a tendency to overdo it, thinking more effort has to be invested, and that it should involve some sort of complexity for the desired effect to take form.

What you do matters more than what you say, but what you say also matters more than what you do.

There are those who spin tales of achieving great things without achieving any of them, and there are those who spin nooses around their necks by drawing too much attention to themselves.

That my friend, is a stable paradox.

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    • You Might Have Noticed…
    • Speech Is Silver, But Silence Is Gold?
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    • Random Person: What Is Good? What Is Bad?
    • Floating On Air
    • Know When To Stay Silent

Always Say Less

You may find yourself nodding in agreement with this statement, but very few actually put it into practise. Sure, you are able to connect the dots, but you have to pull it out of your head and into the real world for effect to take place.

Here’s a question you haven’t considered deeply, why speak less? Won’t I leave a much bigger impact on my peers by interacting with them, as opposed to sitting idly by and waiting for them to recognize my worth?

Yes and no.

You will most definitely leave an impact, but it may not be the one you wish it to be.

The reasoning behind this will slowly dawn on you, the further you progress and connect the dots within this article.

You Might Have Noticed…

Like I mentioned in the first sentence of this article, there is nothing complex about saying less, which is why statements like these get hijacked by attention seekers online. Its easy to preach, but difficult to put into practice, which is why they stick to the preaching.

Lots of social media “writers” sprinkle these platitudes into their “writings” for dem likes and shares. Isn’t it odd, that the ones who openly preach messages like these on social media are often the ones who can’t shut the hell up about it?

 For them, attention is all that matters.

Attention is what most crave, so spending time in deep thought is something that will never cross their minds. They are too busy getting high off all that attention to care about the bait they are using to lure you in.

This is also why most almost never say less than necessary. The less you say, the less attention you receive.

Influencers can’t influence without the influence they already have.

You think selfie whores can go a day without attention?

Speech is silver, but Silence is Gold?

Speech – Silver

Silence – Gold

This Saying –Deeply Misunderstood

This gets thrown around a lot, and I don’t like it because it grossly undervalues the worth of silence, by comparing it to Gold.

Gold and silver can be bought, but silence cannot.

It’s a form of wealth that has long since existed, and one that society wants you to wean yourself off of.

You can’t profit out of something that is available to everyone from birth, unless you fool them into believing that it has no intrinsic value. Funny isn’t it that we are encouraged to “Speak up” to be successful, while our Elites are where they are by skillfully employing tactics laid out in Robert Greene’s books?

Twitter is where it is thanks to Jack Dorsey’s stoic demeanor and tight upper lip. Donald Trump would still be in office had he stood his ground with silence, than with rhetoric.

But like any form of wealth, if you lack the willpower and discipline to maintain it, it will slip through your fingers like sand. It takes an iron will to keep a stiff upper lip. It takes awareness to filter out the noise and tune into frequencies that will provide information about the person who is speaking to you.

You have to understand what the person is, before considering what he has to offer, and you can kill two birds with one stone provided you pay attention.

But self-discipline comes first. How the hell are you going to judge someone when you are loose lipped yourself?


Icebergs should be the least of your concerns. Fix that leak in your mouth first.

You can’t trust what people say to you, because you don’t know what ideas they have bought into, which motivates their choice of words and the way they are construed. Words are tools of communication, and tools can be used to construct, bifurcate or dismantle those pathways. Are they truly concerned, or are they putting on a show? Are they reliable indicators or are they red herrings?

Here is a short summary of what happens when you refuse to tone down on the frequency of words escaping your gaping wide mouth:

If you keep running your mouth, you are easy to predict.

If you are easy to predict, you are easy to manipulate.

If you are easy to manipulate, you are easy to keep in line.

Silence is your cryptocurrency, which appreciates in value the more you invest into it. No one has gone bankrupt or got involved in heated disputes by keeping their tongues in check. Paradoxically, the less you say, the more comfortable people feel around you, and the more likely they are to share their stories with you.

Word of The Day: Judicious

Your mouth is a useful tool, provided you run it when absolutely necessary. Running your mouth like it were some sort of a competition, is a sure fire way to loosing trust and respect.

As odd as it may sound, the more you talk, the less credible you seem. The more you speak, the more suspicion you arouse and the less people rally to your cause.

Why I say it’s odd, is because we are trained in school to believe that success is guaranteed only through hard work alone. Those who “participate” get ahead, and almost all participations requires you to run your mouth nonstop, often regurgitating information you will forget the moment you leave school/college.

This trains us for failure in our professional life. I ran my mouth at work, and it got me in trouble. I’m still working on taping my mouth shut and only letting my tongue out when absolutely necessary, and so should you.

This also trains you for self-annihilation when dealing with woke mobs who scower the terrain for easy prey.

Let’s look at one example:

Random Person: What Is Good? What Is Bad?

Pause for a moment and answer this yourself.

What is your response? What is good, and what is bad, and who decides what they are? Aren’t they subjective? Isn’t everyone’s experience unique? How can you even think of compartmentalizing things into broad categories of good and bad? How narrowminded are you?

She is the the hero no one asked for, but here she is, ready to trigger away.

Do you see the bullshittery you are getting dragged into, when you attempt to answer such questions?

The topic is a cover for something insidious. Think about it for a while.

Good is good, and bad is bad. Instinct teaches us this, and those who refuse to tune into them end up deeply uncertain about themselves and about their place in this world, which leads to an intense inferiority complex. They are confused about everything, rely on their feelings to guide them, and are threatened by everything because they let feelings take precedence.

This has nothing to do with what is good and what is bad.

No one had to teach you that murdering people was wrong, unless you are a psychopath, in which case you are going to murder them anyway.

These questions don’t stem from a genuine desire to understand the logic governing them, but do so from a twisted desire to insult and denigrate the person who understands them.

They hate the message, as well as the messenger.

Do you see where Mx.Random Person is coming from, and where he/she/ze/xe is planning to take you?

Make the mistake of inviting these discussions, and watch as they use it as an excuse to sing their fangs into you.

Pay attention to who is asking what, and act accordingly.

“What is Good Jesse? Who gets to decide that?” – Says the thotzilla who has made it her life’s mission to make sluts great again. Who are you to decide how others ought to perceive loose women(such as yourself) Amber?

Floating On Air

Remaining silent veils you in a mysterious aura.

People won’t screw with you and will have their guard up. It is instinctively acknowledged as a sign of maturity, and often an exaggerated one, so it works well into your advantage.

I’ve noticed that back when I was in college.

At school, I couldn’t shut the hell up, and I was often dismissed as a lil’ bitch not worth anyone’s time, which I was at the time. I was used to being disrespected, so I always expected that to happen.

Yes, I was a lil’ bitch at school thanks to shitty parenting and blaming others for my problems (see what I did there?)

But it didn’t happen at college.

I didn’t know my mother tongue all that well, so I didn’t speak as much in college, as I used to back in school.

I have lots of stupid thoughts floating about in my head, but I kept them to myself because I couldn’t verbalise them adequately into my mother tongue. But thanks to this situation, which at the time brought me copious amounts of stress, I noticed a clear distinction in the way people viewed me back at school, and at college.

People assumed I was different and treated me like I was much more matured than I actually was. It was like I had discovered a glitch in the matrix, but I still had a big mouth and it kept getting me into trouble.

I’d say I’m wiser now, but still have lots of work left. Shaping your thoughts, behaviour and attitude is an art in itself. It is a lifelong project – one that will greatly enrich you.

Know When To Stay Silent

Despite its benefits, you don’t want people to think you are a mute.

Remember what the word of the day was?


Your mouth is a tool.

Use the damn tool, but don’t overuse it.

If you overuse it, people will assume you are boasting in an attempt to draw attention to yourself just for the sake of it.

If you refuse to use it, people will be suspicious and interpret all your actions are devious and manipulative. You have to find the right blend for each situation, because there are times when talking more than you are used to will reduce tensions and forge bonds.

Sometimes it will serve you better to blend in with the crowd, so that those on top won’t suspect you. What could a mindless sheep possibly conjure up, that would threaten them? Let the oxytocin get to their heads –it will blind them to the deceptions you will exercise in secret.

If you think this is evil and manipulative, and that those with any shred of decency should not resort to such practices, then rest assured that it is not necessary that you employ them.

You always have the option of remaining at the bottom.

There’s plenty of spac- OH WAIT

There isn’t.

Opportunities are abundant at the botto- OH WAIT

They aren’t.

People will respect you for your moral conduc-OH WAIT

They won’t.

You will have powe-OH WAIT

The Machiavellians will.

Meet your new Daddy-O’s. They come from the Oligang, and are here to demolish your kids future for some quick cash and absolute control.

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