If you define your stance on Abortion on the basis of morality alone, you will never reach a satisfactory conclusion.

You may believe that it is immoral to take the life of an unborn child, but what rationalization have you come up with to justify slaughtering of millions of livestock each day to satisfy our selfish desire for variety?

You may believe it is justified to kill animals for food, because the same happens in the wild, where only the fittest survive by preying on the weak.

But when was the last time you came across an interview with the King of the Jungle where he details how he had institutionalized his very own animal farm factory, where cows, chickens and pigs were bred in close proximities and injected with so many hormones that they don’t even resemble the animals they once were?

Animals kill to survive, we kill to satiate.

I’m already starting to sound like a vegan activist.

You may believe a lot of things either for or against abortion, but no matter where you stand, your foundation isn’t solid. Both sides make equally convincing arguments, but they miss the point.

Issues like abortion aren’t really about abortion. It’s about something much more, and we are about to delve into it in a moment.

“Abortion Is A Human Right!”

Abortion is slowly being brought forth as a human right, and portrayed as a sensitive topic that requires more attention than it actually deserves. The only ones pushing for it are women and soyboys, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about the validity of this proposed “human right”.

They want you to believe that there is nothing wrong with aborting their (and your) blood and flesh for dubious reasons, which they are trying to legitimize as real concerns.

That last paragraph alone is enough to drive you nuts if you happen to be one of those woke non-binary orbital feminists, but if you are still reading this, that means you aren’t completely insane.

Why Support Abortion?

That is a really good question, and a question people ought to ask more since most of us these days are slowly gravitating to the woke side. Apparently, it’s racist these days, to trust your instincts.

It’s considered progressive to just believe people, when they portray themselves as the victim.

“Can’t you see that she is in pain?!” squeals the soyboy who just had his morning soy latte.

“You have to trust what she says, or else you are a sexist!”

Believe all whamen or else you sexist!

Those who see no problem with women getting abortions see the world through their woke tinted glasses. They don’t see things as they are, but view them as they should be.

This is why they are so miserable and depressed.

But that’s their problem, and there isn’t a damn thing we can do to help them if they won’t even listen to what we have to say. They made the choice to get pegged by feminism, not us.

Let’s head back to the topic at hand.

Topic this-a-way!

A lot of arguments are made in favour of abortion, and this is probably the most cited reason among them all.

Muh Body, Muh Choice, Period.

A woman only has to say, “My body, my choice”, and she gets lauded for it, like as if that phrase carries any significance of its own. Now keeping that premise in mind, if the woman’s body belongs to her, then its nobody’s business what she does with it, right?

Yeah, that right there is the problem.

If she wakes up one day and decides that she is a man, then she that’s what she is, because muh body, muh choice.

If she decides to sleep around with every Tom, Dick and Harry, all in the same night, it’s because muh body, muh trainwreck choice.

If she decides to abort the clump of cells growing inside of her womb that could one day be the main source of joy and happiness, its justified because muh body, muh choice.

My Mouth, My Choice.

If you want to call yourself a man, go ahead.

You’ve got one life, and you ought to live it the way you want to, even if it means mutilating yourself.

If you want to ride the seven seas after hoisting yourself atop Moby Dick, then all power to you.

Life is an adventure, and you ought to treat it like one by sleeping around with as many men like it were a competition, because men secretly desire women who have tons of bedroom experience, it’s just that they are too shy to admit it.

What, you didn’t know? You need to read more articles written by strong and independent women, if you wish to be as successfully miserable as they are.

The more articles you read, the more likely you are to end up like Ms.CatLady Extraordinaire in the picture above.

Where Do Babies Come From?

We all know that story don’t we?

They ones our parents never told us, and which we had to discover on the internet? I’ve made a few adjustments to the original story to make it more relatable to the 21st century.

Here, I’ll recite it for you.

When a man and woman love each other very much, a magical stork flies in with a paycheck that matures in nine months. Few years from now, or depending upon how the woman feels about her life not being exciting enough, she divorces the man, snatches the paycheck and goes on her merry way.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where babies come from.

Babies aren’t made through love making, it’s the stork that magically appears out of fucking nowhere and skilfully implants the seed of their love into the woman’s womb without her consent.

No wonder she wants to get rid of it.

He could have left it at the door by NOOO.

Again, Where Do Babies Come From?

Women don’t wake up one day and suddenly realize they are pregnant. That achievement is unlocked only after being thoroughly engaged in activities that are extensively documented in open source websites like PornHub and Xhamster.

ItS NoT fUnNy!

Women who conceive kids are not virgins. Can we agree on that?


Now, what could these women have possibly done to end up pregnant?

You don’t have to perform any sort of mental gymnastics to understand this. It’s a series of physical gymnastics that got them there.

So in conclusion, women become pregnant after having sex. Any disputes so far?


I think you’re starting to see the obvious flaw in their reasoning for abortion, if not then ruminate on them before proceeding.

Pregnancies in general aren’t a “surprise” since we know what they were up to.

There are two roadblocks you will encounter here in general – roadblocks to having a rational discussion on the topic.

“She Was Raped! She Doesn’t Have To Take That Rapist’s Devil Child To Term!”

This does happen, and it is deeply disturbing.

Many young girls are preyed on at nightclubs and entertainment biz, where predators slip drugs into their drinks or promise them roles in exchange for sexual favours, and have their way with them, or are abused at home by the very people who were supposed to love and protect them.

But are all women who seek abortion, victims of rape or incest?

Here’s a statistic stating that most women who opt for abortion do it as pregnancy would impede their education and career. Those two options were listed as their primary concerns.

Nowhere is the reason cited for rape or incest. NO-F-WHERE.

Think about that for a moment.

And this argument is put forward by most women who undergo abortions who AREN’T victims of rape or incest.

Dilbert: “Hey Tammy, I heard you got an abortion.”
Tammy: “Gosh Dilbert, you know that is a really sensitive topic for me…Why’d you bring that up out of the blue?”
Dilbert: “Oh its just that as a Christian, I don’t agree with what you’ve done. I know it’s none of my business, but I am curious as to why you went along with it. You don’t have to tell me if it makes you uncomfortable.
Tammy: “Well you have to understand that a lot of girls get raped, so abortion is like super important to them.”
Dilbert: “Oh god Tammy, I’m sorry to hear that you were abused. My sincere apologies.”
Tammy: “What? No! I wasn’t raped!”
Dilbert: “Umm…ok. Then why did you uhh…”
Tammy: “Its personal Dilbert. Please stop. Do you want to make things awkward between us?”
Dilbert: “Ok sure, sorry for prying into your business.”

-Madeup Example
But-but think about all the women who ARE victims of incest and rape!

So why are women hiding behind an argument that clearly doesn’t apply to them?

It’s because they have an incredibly selfish reason for doing so.

“Its Personal.”

You know what that is?

It’s a shitty excuse, that’s what it is.

It’s an excuse absent of any substance – they are lying every time they say that. Lays atleast has some chips in them, whereas the Ladies seeking abortion are blowing hot air right into your face.

This excuse comes in various shades, such as,

“I’m not ready for this…”

“My career is more important…”

“I don’t wish to bring children into this screwed up world…”

And you know what these are?

They are pathetic excuses made in an attempt to abdicate responsibilities.

Strong and independent and close to menopause and drowning in depression woman at your service!

There is a reason why it worries us when we see teenagers engage in casual sex. It’s because they aren’t mature enough to understand the consequences and the extent to which these said consequences with affect them for the years to come.

Even adults struggle to control their sexual impulses, but we assume they possess the presence of mind to channel and resist temptation. This is why adults are allowed to purchase birth control pills and condoms as we trust that they will actually USE them unlike teenagers who are too horny to take precautions.

But there is a subset of women who are so strong and empowered, that they couldn’t be bothered to put on protection before riding off into the west and back to the east and off into the west once more, but this time with a different rodeo.

They end up getting knocked up, and blame the patriarchy, instead of their lack of self-control.

They had so many options to choose from – the pill, depo-prova, condoms but NOO.

Its “PaTrIaRcHy BaD”.

In a Nutshell

She lets random men nut inside of her, refuses take precautions, and ends up pregnant.

She doesn’t want the baby, so her brilliant plan is to convince the world that it’s “my body, my choice” and that infanticide is “strong and empowering” because “PaTrIaRcHy BaD”.

This is what abortion boils down to, but there is another reason as well.

Most women don’t take enough care of their bodies while pregnant. This hastens their body’s deterioration which in turn, drastically diminishes their desirability. This is also why women opt for abortion, because they don’t wish to see their bodies ravaged by stretch marks and body fat.

Sounds crazy? Think women aren’t so vain as to opt for abortion just so that they can avoid this? Think again.

“MILF” is a Fantasy

Here’s an interesting point to note,

There are women that men wish to fuck, and there are old women.

Men don’t find old women attractive, nor do they find MILFs attractive. The reason MILFs is as popular as it is, is because they only exist in the world of Porn. There are no MILFs in reality.

Women possessed by vanity know this intuitively, which is why they will travel to the ends of the Earth to make sure their body remains the way it is, either by working out or by dialling up on makeup, outfits and perfumes.

So the next time you come across a women who states that she is getting an abortion for personal reasons, you know what those personal reasons are.

She isn’t lying – her reasons are indeed personal, infact so personal that they are vain.

If a woman you are screening for marriage view’s abortion as a fundamental human right, you can check her off the list.

Women who are too vain and view themselves as the centre of the universe are going to make your life miserable. If she decides to abort the baby because “she isn’t ready for it” then there isn’t a damn thing you as her husband can do to prevent her from going through with the procedure.

It’s her body, her choice, her baby, and everyone is going to believe her story.

If she tells everyone that you forced her to have the baby, almost everyone will take her side. They might have known you longer than they have known her, but that doesn’t change the fact that people assume the worst from the man – attributing a man’s sin to his toxic masculinity that the world has yet to prove isn’t fiction.

Pronouns are just as real as toxic masculinity is.

Such is the world we live in, and as men it is in our best interest to learn to screen and mold our women so that with them we may bring children into this world, who will not only carry the family’s legacy, but also spring forth as a fountain of joy and meaning that will replenish us from the struggles we face each day.

Mother Nature has gifted women with a womb that nurtures tiny buds of joy, and to clip them off because you aren’t feeling ready to watch them bloom, goes to show how immature and reckless you are with your body.

In Conclusion

Fighting for abortion, translates into pushing for it to go mainstream, and like anything that goes mainstream, it will be treated like a service that can be availed at any time, like it were a can of coke you can purchase because you felt like having one.

That is not an exaggeration. Plenty of western women have started viewing it as a service instead of a last resort, which is why they are now pushing Daddy Government to legislate laws in favour of abortion.

They wish to destigmatize it now.

And it won’t be long before it becomes mainstream in India.


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