Hey there, Akkolad here.

I’ve decided to use a pseudonym because its the smartest thing to do, now that the Big Tech Oligarchs have decided to blacklist individuals who refuse to simp for them.

Social media giants are the “giants” they are today, thanks to our obsession with social media and safeguarding people’s fee-fees.

So that’s pretty much about me.

I’ve created this blog to share practical tips and strategies that will help you overcome depression, create long lasting behavioral changes, broaden your mind and with this I’ve helped thousands find their passion in life and live their dream to the fullest, except the last part was a complete lie.

I’ve authored several books that you will find in Amazons top seller list, once I decide to publish them. I often inject my content with a healthy dose of humor to entertain people as I discuss my thoughts on various topics, challenges and the steps I took in overcoming them.

I don’t write with the intention of causing offense, but it comes as a result of diving into topics people are too squeamish to address. I find those topics interesting because of the reaction they generate.

Even though we have the freedom to walk the streets, we still live in an unfree world since our minds are caged with limiting beliefs that blind us from what is true. We all hold beliefs that we believe to be fair and absolute, without questioning them or the authority of those who preach them.

These preconceived notions of fairness are one of the many obstacles life will present you with that will eventually lead you down a spiral of negativity if you’re not prepared to have them questioned and challenged for its authenticity. Often times, its the shedding away of these beliefs that lead to personal growth, as opposed to mindlessly sticking to them just because they validate your feelings about a certain cause or event.

So start reading and glean as much as you can from my blog.

I assure you this – you won’t be disappointed.