I structured the title that way so that google won’t banish my article to the PornHub section.

And it is out of due respect, that I refer to women working in adult industries as models. They’ve helped me when I was at my lowest, and motivated me to rise and erect myself with vigor. The sort of motivation they provide me with on a regular basis is something I, quite frankly, can’t seem to live without. It’s almost like an addiction at this point, which is a good thing, since we all know just how healthy porn addiction is.

It’s not an addiction, it’s a necessity. You aren’t addicted to drinking water, now are you? – You can use this to throw people off.

I resorted to euphemisms when referring to women working in the adult entertainment industry, because people these days are too soft and take offense at those who say it like it is. Much of that is a result of the push for women’s rights, and the resistance to objectification of women, even if those women landed themselves there on their own.

But Adult Models, or Erotic Models are what they are.

The only time you hear people publicly call them what they are, is when they are drunk so bad, that they land themselves into a deep fuck deficit, and stop giving any.

That my friend, is the magic of alcohol.

They are Pornstars

I love them, you love them, we all love them, but for all the wrong reasons.

So you could imagine my shock when I came across this piece on the internet regarding my favorite Model, right after I came across that said, Model.

If you know what I mean.

As crazy at it sounds, there are people out there who believe it isn’t morally reprehensible for women to engage in promiscuous behavior, and to instead view it as a form of empowerment. Sleeping with hundreds of men on camera and making a career out of it isn’t something to be ashamed about anymore. It’s her body, her choice.

But here’s the thing, you can’t say it’s nobodys business, especially when you give women like her a platform to spread her influence on, much like how she spread her legs for every Tom, Dick and Anaconda that slithered their way into her pants.

There’s a reason women like her are judged as harshly as they are, which is what we are going to discuss here.

So with that, lets dive into our case study.

Our Favorite Middle Eastern Pornstar

You may have come across her on several occasions.

I sure did.

If you know what I mean.

Okay I’ll stop. But it’s a little hard to stop coming across her.

An Arab feminists said Mia was a feminist because she chose to enter the adult industry of her own volition. By doing porn, she is in control of her sexuality, which is an act of defiance to the patriarchal structures that dominate the Arab world.

Yes, her logic is impeccable, if you reason with emotions.

Others say she is a disgrace for sullying herself just for a few quick bucks, but those voices are drowned out by the opposition that insists Mia did only what a strong and independent woman would do, and that is gobble bananas from every conceivable direction and into every conceivable orifice.

But here’s the thing, Mia Khalifa has publicly announced that she is ashamed of her past, and that she only managed to make 12,000$ from her brief adult career. She adds, that she is a victim of an industry that exploits young women who were either trafficked or forced into it, except, Mia wasn’t a victim of forced or trafficked individuals.

She voluntarily walked into the Lion’s den of porn.

But she regrets it, nonetheless, and seeks to redeem herself by exposing the industry for what it is.

It Was a Mistake, and I Regret It

I can appreciate Mia for being honest – practically giving the “Porn is empowering” feminist troops a two digit long middle finger for their delusional assessment of porn.

Trolling feminists, good job.

Porn is not empowering and anyone who says otherwise is either trying to prey on you, or genuinely believes that porn can be transformed into a powerful positive force, because he/she has a few screws loose.

You have to be mentally retarded to believe that working as a pornstar is empowering. Having a group of men screw you in front of millions online is empowering? If you are a pornstar, you are letting the industry take advantage of your beauty and youth; your most prized assets.

Mia understands this, which is why she says that she is “ashamed” of her past.

But here’s the problem.

Is She Being Serious?

Entering the Porn industry isn’t a mistake. It’s a conscious and well informed choice.

I’ve never come across an individual who actually believes Porn can be a good career option. It may be gratifying to watch, but we watch it behind closed doors because it is a shameful thing to engage in.

Think about it, watching it is shameful enough, now imagine engaging in it and treating it like a job. Shooting videos of yourself making out with strangers wielding rods long enough to receive signals from telephone towers just for a few quick bucks isn’t progressive, and you know it.

This is why I say it is a well-informed choice.

No one had to tell us doing porn is degrading – it was self-evident.

We know what porn is, and what people’s attitudes are towards those who participate in them, yet she is trying to make it look like she was this innocent little girl who didn’t know any better. It’s the big bad wolf on the side of the street who offered her a role in modeling that is to blame.

And Then There are Her Interviews

The post-nut clarity didn’t help ease the pain from watching her interviews or the articles penned by feminists. The reporters were trying to avoid causing offense when discussing the ex-pornstar’s life before porn, and how she made the mistake we have all been jerking off to. It was amusing to watch feminists struggle to connect the dots in a way to make her look like she was a victim, which she clearly wasn’t.

Mia is no feminist, not by a long shot, and she never said she was, despite some feminists saying she is. But women like her are, however, cited as an example of a strong and independent woman since she voluntarily made the choice to join the porn industry, but there’s just one problem.

There is nothing empowering about getting run over by a crowd of two digit penis size wielding men. The fact that she made that choice herself, shows how morally bankrupt she is, and even more so, now that she is trying to play the victim, like she didn’t know what she was doing all those months with all those different men.

Also, she is being dishonest about the amount she earned, and continues to earn from her acting career.

She might have earned only 12,000$ directly from working, but her net worth is at an estimated THREE MILLION dollars.

The Magical Three Million Dollar Net Worth

She said, that she only earned 12k during her tenure, and magically amassed three million dollars.

She claims she has no rights to the videos of her online, yet her profiles on pornsites all show they are verified.

Also, she seems to have a website that displays various segments of her past that she is deeply ashamed of. Apparently, a dollar is all you need to revisit the past, she is all too ashamed of.

Apparently, she isn’t ashamed of being a hypocrite.

She had to suffer a lot, as a result of her decision to join the porn industry which included getting disowned by her own parents, receiving death threats from ISIS and having to live with the stigma of being an adult actress. A youtuber has accused her of faking everything, and I think it’s worth looking into.

She isn’t proud of what she has done, so forgive and support her, by donating a dollar a month at her website to see how the porn industry screwed everything up for her, as she enacts those very scenes once more on camera, much to your delight.

In Closing

The fact that women like her are being celebrated is baffling. We are showering them with praise and adulation, because they made the wrong choices in life.

Mia was provided with a platform to warn women about the dangers of giving into promiscuous behavior, and I have to say, I felt bad for her while watching her interviews.

What pissed me off was how she was lying about the entire thing.

She cussed at a radio host for introducing her as an ex-adult actress, when in all her interviews she used that tag to make her case for “exposing the industry”.

She claims she is exposing the industry, when she has done, nothing of the sort.

If anything, she has exposed herself.

She wants us to magically forget about her brief porno stint and to treat her like any other woman, like as if actions have no consequences.

And worst of all, she has a website with all her porno that is accessible once you pay for her membership.

This is why I take issue with this woman.

Even if she decides to call herself a feminist, no one is going to take her seriously. People have seen her in action, and solidified their impression of her, and no amount of victim card playing or blame shifting will scrub her free from her past.

Sunny Leone has taken up the mantle of feminism, and no one, except for the batshit insane feminists, take her seriously. The rest of us pity her.

Virtue signalling won’t erase the past either.

Bonus Round!

Let’s address some common points usually made when issues related to porn pop up.

The porn industry preys on young women, and it is something we all ought to address.

I agree, but every time it gets addressed, feminists start screeching at people for shaming them, telling us that it is her choice to sleep around if she wishes to.

Slut shaming is baaad!

And guess what else is up.

Slut shaming is predominantly conducted by women, not men, WOMEN.

Men love sluts, while women don’t. Sluts give men what they crave the most, essentially tipping the balance towards their side of the table and disrupting the power women have over men, which is why prostitution is illegal.

Prostitution itself is a loaded subject, so I won’t be addressing it in this article. Maybe some other time.

Plenty of women are routinely trafficked into porn, and this is another issues that has yet to be addressed.

That is an exaggerated claim.

Here is what Garion Hall, owner of leading adult website “Abbywinters” had to say about that.

As surprising as it sounds, Porn industries don’t have to worry about finding women. There is a surplus of women waiting in line to get dicked down on screen.

Why feature a trafficked individual in one of your films and risk the heavy penalty that could land you in jail, when you have a crowd waiting outside to get in?

This doesn’t make me happy. It’s sickening to know that there are people out there who think getting into porn is some form of “self-discovery” or “self-expression”. This is delusional thinking at best.

It’s their body, they can do what they want with it!

Absolutely, but don’t start whining when people take issue with it.

If you can become a Pornstar and still talk about how empowering that decision was for you, then we can jerk off to you and still criticize you for making the wrong choices in life.

Yes, hypocrisy is rife, and you doing porn isn’t helping reduce it.

The women who line up on front of porn producers are hurt individuals from broken homes!

No they aren’t, as evidenced from the Hot Girls Wanted Documentary.

These are women from normal homes who want to try porn because they thought it would be fun to try, because YOLO right!

We live in morally depraved times, gentlemen.

The men there are exploiting those poor women!


They use women who are young and attractive, until they can no longer use them.

It’s wrong, which is why we warn women about promiscuous behavior, because the exact same dynamic takes place everywhere. Porn producers use you as a money-making machine, while the bad boys you give it up to, use you for pleasure.

Our message to you girls is simple,


Don’t fall prey to porn or to feminism. They don’t care about you, which is why they are being so nice to you. The reason you view whatever I have to say as harsh, because the truth is harsh.

Women have been gifted with their most valuable asset, which is their youth and beauty, and it pains us to watch you squander it on fleeting highs, which is why we are being so harsh on you.

Men don’t get treated with tenderness, what we receive from men with good intentions is tough love, whether they be our father or brothers and comrades. Think of this as a form of tough love, being imparted as a realization that you will without a shadow of a doubt succumb to.

It’s only a matter of time.

I only hope and pray that it’s not too late.

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