I started my journey at a WordPress site called akkoladesforthebold.com, which is why you will notice many of the posters refer to a link titled www.akkoladesforthebold.com. I was happy with WordPress hosting, but decided to downgrade to a less expensive hosting after WordPress decided to rob me of my hard earned money and my trust, after seducing me with its marketing and discounts.

WordPress was generous when I first joined, offering me discount after discount, similar to how credit card buyers receive one offer after the other, not realizing that they are being buttered up and fattened for slaughter.

I know it sounds like I am upset with WordPress, but here’s the thing,

I absolutely am.

Starting Over Proved to Be a Boon

Starting over was good for me, as well as for the blog. 

I was able to evaluate the articles I’ve penned from the beginning of Akkolades for the Bold, and have¬† successfully weeded out the ones that aren’t up to the mark.

Seeing how far my writing has progressed is a joy in itself, motivating me to keep writing.

Don’t worry, I will keep writing, and you will always find my website online.

I am not going anywhere, and neither will any of my content.

It will remain here on the internet for centuries to come.

Get back to reading my articles, you have a lot to cover.