Feminism makes me cringe again, as we dive into another one of their hysterical reactions that even got the Delhi police involved.

It’s not every day that you see a bunch of teenagers get caught for sharing nude photos of other women online, but the arguments made by our feminist allies are mostly recycled and regurgitated.

I don’t usually write about such events, because it doesn’t count as timeless content, but seeing how this is a pattern that’s repeated, it qualifies.

Just for the record, I don’t condone what these boys said about the women in those photos they were sharing, and it was immoral of them to make threats of leaking the nudes that magically landed in their hands, to the public.


Boys talk dirty about girls in the Locker room, and it’s disgusting.

Why are you snooping about the boy’s locker room? I thought you were all for equal rights and the right to safe spaces.

Oh wait, only women are entitled to those rights, my bad.

It’s only empowering when you get to step on each other!

This is nothing new. Men have always harboured dirty fantasies about women from the dawn of mankind. This desire is what helped us survive as a species and make it to the top of the food chain.

You know who else has dirty fantasies about the opposite sex?


Stop acting like God personally came down to anoint you as his saint. You know what men desire, and shocked when you find them discussing the exact same thing. It’s almost as if you were looking for reasons to get offended.

I know I’ve repeated this rhetoric in some of my other articles, but it’s too hard to resist.

No we don’t understand why men think that way!

We find women attractive – I know shocker. We also fantasize making out with them – I know, double shocker.

It’s difficult being a man. You have to constantly deal with a raging hard boner born with a mind of its own. It’s not easy to contain this impulse of ours, but we do it; or at least most of us do.

One thing we can’t do is look away when a gorgeous woman passes by. We just have to admire her beauty. Some might even fantasize sleeping with her, but that’s just how we are built.

Of course, there are outliners who can’t control their impulses and commit crimes against women, but to suggest that a couple of boys sharing pictures of women they find attractive online are slowly transforming into these very predators is absurd.

Also, I would have supported your claim, if these boys were openly talking about it in public. These topics aren’t meant for public discourse.

They were sharing indecent photos of women without their consent, and they are the victims?

How hard is it to download pictures off social media? You don’t have to earn a doctorate to learn that.

But the question is whether it is right or wrong to engage in such practices. The answer is obviously no, it’s not okay to do so, but that doesn’t resolve the issue at hand.

Let approach this in a different way, how did those indecent photos of said women end up in their hands? Were the women forced to click those photos at gunpoint, or did they upload them of their own accord?

So basically you’re saying, its women’s fault for leaving themselves exposed?

No, I don’t believe either side is at fault.

Stop looking for someone to blame, understand the issue first. If you upload saucy photos of yourself, you are bound to receive attention. Some of it might not be the sort of attention you wished for, but that is the consequences of putting yourself out on display.

Was it right for the boys to threaten releasing those photos?


How did those saucy photos end up in their hands?

The patriarchy had something to do with it.

Hell no! That would be blasphemy!

But it’s still wrong! You can’t just steal a woman’s uploaded photo and share it with your friends to jerk off to!

How do you know that’s what these boys were planning to do them?

Because boys are obsessed about sex!

Since you admitted to knowing what men desire despite acting like you were born yesterday just a couple of minutes ago, this is going to be easy.

Feminists can’t help but throw a hissy fit whenever the topic of “dress appropriately” comes up. Women shouldn’t be judged as harshly as they are for wearing skimpy clothes, that’s the whole point of slut walks, isn’t it? To wear whatever you want without getting judged for it.

Except there’s just this one problem with it.

People judge.

Why do they judge us for wanting to look attractive? It’s not like we are doing it for them!

Sure you aren’t. Most of you are narcissists who can’t peel their eyes of the mirror.

“I’m looking good for myself”

You realize just how retarded you sound saying that?

I look so good right now, I bet I can cross a million likes on Instagram, because I’m totally doing it for the attention myself.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get noticed by the opposite sex – we are wired to behave that way. It’s only a problem when the fairer sex tries to rationalize their obsession with exponentially accumulating it as a display of her right to freedom of expression.

What the hell are you talking about?

There are numerous women on social media who have daily nude sessions at 12:00pm, accept paid chats and receive 10k to 100k followers within a day or two for reasons feminists can’t seem to fathom.

Some of these women are amateurs, and the exceptionally pretty ones become models and often sell themselves to rich Arab men with minds filthy enough to make Rocco Siffredi look like an amateur just starting out.

And they do it not out of a dire need, but for luxury.

Moral bankruptcy at its finest, gentlemen.

Where are your “Respect Women” feminists now?

Why aren’t these women being exposed for selling themselves online? Why aren’t they being critiqued for degrading themselves in exchange for a few quick bucks? Why does Instagram tolerate this?

Women who upload indecent photos and videos of themselves are doing it for a special kind of attention; one that never stales. They won’t receive that sort of attention from merely posting classy photos of themselves. Adding a dash of nudity skyrockets her to an almost celebrity status.

As for the porta potties that go to Dubai, they are beyond redemption, and portray women in a really bad light.

But feminists, being the strong and independent women they are, decided instead to go after the horny 16-17 year olds, because apparently they are the reason why men in the Middle East think women are only meant to be pissed and shat on for twisted sexual gratification.

Yeah, that makes a lot of fucking sense.

But these women weren’t revealing their breasts or anything!

If these women were appropriately dressed, their photos wouldn’t be the ones being circulated.

Some say these boys had gone as far as to crop the faces of these women and merge them onto the bodies of nude women, I don’t know if it is authentic, which is why I source whatever assertions I make.

You know what, let’s just assume these boys were perverts to the extreme, and have no problem jerking off to the faces of random women.

It is still sickening, but they aren’t causing any actual harm.

This isn’t an answer anyone would be content with but at the very least, those boys aren’t physically trying to make a move on her.

Approach it honestly, what can be done in such a situation? Censor everything on the internet? Squeal “Kill all men!” on the internet that you are trying to censor, as a solution?

It sounds like you are justifying their immoral behavior. What if those picture were of your sisters or of your daughters?!

Ahh, the classic appeal to emotions.

Of course I’d find it offensive; the last thing I’d want is a bunch of horny teenager jerking off to pictures of the women that I care for in my life.

But that doesn’t address the issue.

The problem with this argument, is it’s designed to stop men in their tracks, and to give people the illusion of making a valid point, when in fact it doesn’t.

You can’t fool me with that rhetoric.

You can shame me all you want, but if a women puts up photos that isn’t revealing enough to invite criticism, there will always be some horny dude on the other side of the world like Pakistan or the Middle East who will find it arousing.

As long as these perverts aren’t trying to sexually assault those women, I don’t see the point in having this discussion. At best, you could retaliate by reporting them, but don’t try to act all high and mighty while doing it. Because women seem to have their own locker rooms too.

Ya fuckin hypocrites.

But there are boys who talk about raping women in some of those locker rooms! That could lead to an actual rape!

The boys who talk about raping women are either trying to act funny in a really twisted sort of way, or out of their minds if they are seriously contemplating to rape someone. I know you’re still stuck at the first half of the sentence in this paragraph, and yes, some boys do that and its creepy.

But here’s the thing, you know damn well most men don’t see women as objects to be toyed around with, yet you spread this lie of “All men are born to sexually abuse women.”

Solution to sexual abuse: Kill all men.
Hitlers solution: Kill all Juice.
Seems familah?

It’s not men who rape women. Its rapists that rape women. They are mentally ill, and there isn’t a man or woman on this planet who doesn’t despise these predators.

But here’s something that’s not as widely discussed, did you know that a girl posed as a boy in the boislockerroom and suggested raping herself to check whether the guy she was talking with was a man of honor and dignity?

This fun little experiment of hers led to the suicide of one of the boys accused in the boislockerroom case.

Let me ask you once again, what is your solution?

Shame boys from talking about women? Shame them whenever they look at a woman for more than five seconds?

All men are obsessed about sex, and that is a serious problem!

I agree, and it is thanks to our wonderful education system that teaches us everything we will ever need to know about sex. His name is PornHub, and he is always available to us, no matter the time, place or venue.

Pornhub also happens to be a brilliant resource for personal finance.

If only our schools adopted a similar system, you’d have boys dying to come to school. Now all we have are boys dying to come…

But seriously, men are obsessed about sex thanks to porn. It hijacks the strongest drive we have, and makes us dependant on digital stimulation. A bloody addiction is what it is, and most of us carry this habit like its normal.

It’s not.

I thought feminist would be against porn, but NOOO.

They are making feminist porn now, because even the degenerates causing the most harm, deserve equality.

Again, Ya Fuckin hypocrites.

Why Target Those Poor Feminists?

Feminists are trying to convert this into an “All Men Are At Fault” issue. Even after discovering the girls locker room, where members made equally obscene remarks, they turned a blind eye to it.

It’s only equality when men are sacrificed on the altar for the greater good.

Yes, the boys are definitely at fault. No one disputes that, but you have to see how it’s being used as ammo by feminists to drive their politically laced spears right into the heart of civilization.

I repeat, feminists don’t actually care about the women involved, they are using it to push their toxic ideology at the expense of social stability. They believe the solution to violence against women is in alienating the sexes by demanding the government’s violent intervention.

They also believe in shoving the governments thick rod of justice up every man’s ass, regardless of whether they’ve actually committed the crime or not.

I know this article will get a lot of hate, but screw it; someone had to say it.

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