I’m sure by now you’ve had a taste of freedom.

Your body listens to you now.

Jogging has revitalized you to a significant degree, and the mental fog has started to lift. This is your body reacting to your intention of wanting to rid yourself of the disease that has been plaguing you. Physically pushing yourself past your limit has an invigorating effect that floods your body with a sense of excitement, sort of like a high that you can’t seem to get enough of.

I know that I don’t need to tell you to continue the habit of jogging, that habit has been set in stone. Unfortunately, the problem still persists, and you have yet to vanquish the demon of depression. All you’ve done is cut down one of its head, there are many more left.

If you were to give up on the habits you’ve struggled to cultivate so far, your foundation will crumble back to dust. The demon will replace its fallen head with a new one, and it will be harder for you to recover the resolve that brought you up to this point. The foundation has to be reinforced and for that to happen you have to take your physical activities to the next level. Do not falter, the fight has began, and the tide has only started to turn.

Make a Choice (A/B)

Plan A is to take up activities take involves socializing and exercising such as playing soccer, football, tennis etc.

Plan B is to sign up for a gym and work out there.

The first option seems attractive, but chances are you aren’t all that confident about meeting new people, or playing sports with people half your age. Don’t worry, the second option is just as fruitful. I took the second option because I was more of an introvert, and preferred keeping things to myself. Mingling with others wasn’t high on my list of priorities.

I did play sports, but it was limited to soccer. That lasted for about two years, after which my friends had graduated and moved away to pursue higher education. I was left alone again. I wasn’t fully conscious about my depression at the time, I had a sort of wavering feeling about it, but was too scared to prod any deeper than I already had.

Eventually I integrated both options, but I would suggest starting with the one that appeals to you most. If none of them appeal to you, them sign up for a gym membership. You’ve already pushed yourself this far, so keep pushing.

Plan A – Welcome to The Playground

Till now, all you’ve been doing was jog consistently with the goal of building your endurance to jog continuously for half an hour.

Watching them play is enough to get your blood pumping

In sports the goal is simple.

We play to win, but there is a subtle difference.

With jogging you know for certain that it is possible to reach your target if you stick with it, but in sports there are many variables that can alter the result of the game. Sure, with practice you can get better at playing, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll win every game. That difference is what makes it fun and challenging.

It changes your mood and opens you up. You start to develop a sort of kinship with the people you play, and that will eventually strengthen your bonds with each other. You will have a sense of belonging, a community you can interact with, and to be honest, that’s all you really need at the stage you’re at.

But that community won’t last forever, which can tamper with your sense of belonging once they decide to stop or change location to pursue higher education, move into a new house, get a new job etc.

Strive towards what is eternal and derive your sustenance from it.

Plan B – Step into The Iron Paradise

Pump and repeat.

This is where you will really start to flourish, because when you step into the gym, you are there to pump iron. No one over there cares about you. This might sound counter intuitive, but by placing yourself in such situations and  pay zero attention to the minimal chit chat that happens, something will dawn on you.

The people are there not to waste time. They are there for a very specific purpose, and its to better their physique. Whatever conversation go on there are always related to working out, what exercises are necessary, how many sets will suffice, etc you will rarely see people talk about trivial matters there.

Another thing about the gym is it shows you for the pussy you really are. It’s the ultimate ego deflater. You think you’re strong? How about you try benching 140lbs and prove it? What? You can’t? And you call yourself strong? Pfft.

Iron never lies.

You can trust iron to always be faithful, he will never let you down.

And besides, who doesn’t want to look like a sexy beast?

If you can suffer those blows to your ego and still walk into gym every single day, then you’re half-way there my friend. The people there won’t judge you for being overconfident, they’ve been it themselves, and know whats going on in that tiny little head of yours. They also know what it will take for you to come through which is why they keep their mouths shut.

That being said, don’t expect them to walk you through the exercises. You have to take to initiative, its up to you to take the first few steps, and they will gladly guide you along. But to really be successful, following what they have to say to the letter won’t cut it. You have to learn from them, and see what works out for you.

Whatever I’ve mentioned above may sounds like gibberish to you right now, but once you’ve worked at it for 2-3 months without fail, it will all make sense.

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