I’m proud of you.

Look at how far you’ve come.

Think back to how your condition was at the start of this endeavor – the miserable state you were in back then.


Look back one last time, you won’t be coming back here anymore.

The difference might be small, but think of how you used to spend your days then and compare them to how you do so now. All those days you spent languishing in that self-made prison, could have been spend the way you’re spending them now.

If you remember, I started of this series post by mentioning how depression was a disease of the mind. Following that logic, what you did up till now will seem like a waste of time.

It’s the mind that’s in need of help, not the body. So why did I lead you down such a thorny path to physical development? Wouldn’t it suffice to deal with the source of the problems instead of pushing weight around in the gym, or wasting time playing sports?

One “Aha Moment!” Coming Right Up

Before I answer that, do tell me,

How do you feel after a pumping session?

Pumped up and ready to conquer the world!

Great, right?

And what does your mind tell you during those moments of freshness? It tells you nothing. It ceases to chatter and leaves you alone.

But how come the mind is tired? Wasn’t I busting my ass at the gym using my body?

True, and here comes the moment you’ve been waiting for,

“Your Mind and Body share a deep Connection.”

Yeah. That’s pretty much it.

You seem really disappointed; I can feel it. 

The Connection is Deeper than You Think

If something affects the mind, then it also affects the body and vice versa. This is not a trivial fact, its a realization that has the potential to revolutionize the way you think.

Your depression was in the mind, but it manifested itself in the body as sluggish behavior, decreased appetite, constant fatigue, headaches and the list goes on.

By exercising, your body livens itself up, and because of the relation it shares with the mind, the mind too experiences a little bit of that positivity and starts repairing itself. It starts sending the right messages to the body, generating the right responses that work in favor of the mind, body and soul.

To hasten the effect, you are going to move onto the next step which is called…


Buy yourself a diary first. Forget about what comes next, just buy it.


Whenever you hear the word ‘journaling’, picture this in your mind.

Your depression is a result of various events that have gone horribly wrong; and those event you have forgotten. They have been unconsciously suppressed because of the pain it brings you, either because of your lack of maturity at the time, or because of the way you handled it.

You have to remember them. Recollect those fragments and piece them together. Therein lies your ticket to freedom.

I recommended this as the last step because you won’t take up this challenge first. It would seem pointless to you at the time when you were randomly browsing the web, in hopes of finding a silver bullet that you could use as ammo against the demon of depression, foolishly thinking that if you can somehow put an end to depression, then all of the pain and misery will vanish in an instant.

What you have to understand is that the demon can’t be silenced, he too has a role to play. Without suffering, there can be no joy. You can hear noise, because there is silence in the background. Life is yin and yang, Life is duality. You need the pain to notice the joys that were always there right in front of you.

To enjoy the food you eat, to watch the sunset, to feel the cool breeze brushing across your skin, all these little things you took for granted, are the joys you are blind to. Pain directs your attention to them. You’re depression is a monstrous form of that pain.

And to understand your depression, you journal.

Journaling helps you collect those lost experiences and patch them up. It’s from these patched-up segments that you see all those painful experiences you had to endure under a different light, and notice aspects of them you didn’t notice at the time it took place. Those insights will allow you to forgive yourself, and the people that hurt you. It will allow you to pinpoint the source of your pain, regret and apathy.

I hate to say this, but these realizations won’t present themselves up the moment you put pen to paper. It could take several months for you to resolve those core issues, which is why it is best for you to start early and start NOW.

The immediate effect of journaling is awareness of the passage of events. As you record your thoughts about the day, you notice patterns that are destructive or repetitive, patterns of action that bring nothing of significance into your world. To rid yourself of a negative trait, you have to first be aware of its presence. The slaves that struggle for freedom, are slaves who know they are slaves. Corporate drones think they are free, when instead they are chained to their cubicle. They depend on it for their survival, and report everyday to work with dread in their heart.

It sets down a routine for you and can behave as a supervisor. You will list down your goals in them and provide deadlines. In case you don’t meet those deadlines, you write down the reason and review them the next day. Your reaction will surprise you, because by then you’ll have faced the consequences of not meeting those said deadlines. Your future self will read your yesterday’s self’s reasons for not achieving the goals you had carefully planned for him and cringe at his laziness. 

That cringe will remind you that the person you are today will be writing to the person who will read the journal tomorrow, and that you wouldn’t want to disappoint him like Mr.Yesterday did to you today.

Fear and shame and determination does are good motivation for getting work done because they are painful to experience.

Joy doesn’t make progress,  but it is through progress that joy follows through.

I could go on, but it would be meaningless unless you experience those benefits yourself. Remember how you established your jogging and exercise routine, and reaped its benefits?
Sow the seeds of journaling in a fixed spot in your time table and nurture it.

Watch what it sprouts into.

You’ll thank me later.

                            Hang in there, the pain is temporary. It eventually gets better.

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