Let’s play a game.

I’ll offer you a couple of hints and its your task to figure out what I’m pointing towards.

  • Wielded by a sizable amount of the population
  • Consistently whipped out to meet selfish needs
  • Unexpectedly makes itself visible in situations that never requires its presence
  • Hard to ignore once it decides to shows up
  • Only retreats once it makes an entire mess out of the situation
  • Starts with the letter D.

Thats right its Dic- Ahem, Depression.

No, that wasn’t a desperate attempt at trying to be funny! Here, I’ll prove it.


Whipped out Selfishly
Mom: Billy, could you help me out with the dishes?
Billy: Ma! can’t you see I’m depressed!
Mom: Come on Billy help your moth-

Springs into Visibility When it Shouldn’t
BF: I hear these voices in my head.
GF: *Giggle* What do they say?
BF: They’re telling me to hang myself after I slit your throat.
GF: Hahaha! You’re so funny…that was a joke, right?

Hard to Ignore
Dude: Hey why’d you call me over?
Guy:   Yeah umm, I have this hard problem I’ve been dealing with ever since I hit puberty.
Dude: Whoa dude, gross.
Guy:   And I don’t think I can hold it in anymore…I need to let it out in front of someone I can trust…
Guy:   sigh, I’m depressed.
Dude: WAAA-wait, what?

Messy Situation
Dad:   He did it.
Mom: If only I knew…I could have prevented it.
Dad:   The boy was young. There’s very little you could have done considering the situation he was in.
Mom: He should have at least asked me whether it would be okay to host a party at our house! The nerve of that brat, look at the mess his friends have made! Is this what depressed teenagers do? He’s washing all the dishes in this house for a month whether he likes it or not!


I know I can be a dick sometimes by inserting myself into places that make people feel like their privacy is being violated. I do it because I want to lighten the mood, so that people will be more receptive to what I have to say and apply those hard concepts whenever the need arises to burst through.

Oops, I did it again.

On a Serious Note

Depression is notorious for killing the mood of whatever place it makes an appearance into, and it isn’t surprising.

Because depression is a word that has been heavily abused. Most think of depression as a severe form of sadness or grief. It’s not.

It’s Not Even Close.

You can only understand depression if you were unfortunate enough to have been through it. Describing it to someone who hasn’t experienced it is like describing what colors are to the blind, or what broccoli tastes like to people born without tongues (It tastes disgusting). He needs a tongue to taste disgust, to experience disgust and from that experience comes the understanding of why feeding children broccoli is borderline child abuse.


“You’re not planning on feeding me any of this are you?”
(Photo Credit: Joe Urrutia/Nofima)

And it can be quite hurtful when people ignore your plea for help and shove broccoli down your throat while saying things like,
“It’s a hormonal imbalance, you’ll get over it.”
or straight up tell you to
“Just snap out of it.”
Like as if it were some kind of cheap magic trick you can’t seem to get enough of.

Yes, it is a chemical imbalance, but it loses something vital when you dress it that way like how shell shock lost its, once it was renamed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), rendering it completely barren of meaning. Euphemisms like those don’t carry the pain that describes the condition. It only softens the impact while generating an air of indifference towards people suffering from the condition.

“Oh, just a chemical imbalance eh? How about you try balancing that equation of yours by taking a walk outside. And while you’re at it, bring back some groceries with you.”

“A few more drops and voila! Your depression has reduced to smoke!
(Photo Credit: Atlantic Filter Corporation)

Then there’s the option of just snapping out of it.

“Oh really! All I had to do was magically forget the suicidal thoughts that have been buzzing about in my head? I didn’t know it was this simple, You sir are a lifesaver!

                “On the count of three, you will forget you were ever depressed and start flapping                       your hands about like a chicken.”

Refuse to Give in to Hatred

Don’t blame them for not understanding.

They don’t know what you’re going through, and it isn’t their fault, nor is it their struggle, its yours.

Its not that they don’t want to understand, but that the stories surrounding depression are so frightening that it keeps them at bay.

This is why they can’t help you.

Like I stated earlier, This is your struggle, and you have to bear it alone.

But the Day Will Come

There are situations that can induce this affliction if you stay in it long enough, situations where you don’t feel loved, see no future ahead of you, drink every day, work at a soul sucking job etc. You’ve probably been in one or many of these situations. I know I’ve been.

This can happen to anyone.

It can happen to the people you love and care for.

It can also happen to the people who were indifferent to your suffering, the ones that looked down on you and isolated you when you needed their company the most, and now they’re in the club, wandering about aimlessly, puzzled as to how they got themselves in there. This is God’s way of showing his Love for you.

This is why you should never underestimate the power of D, even if you don’t have it.

It will screw you over once it gets a chance.

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