Welcome to the first edition of, the “Feminism Makes Me Cringe” series!

In today’s episode, we will take on the tattooed landwhales that populate the feminist movement.


The targets of this article aren’t people who are merely obese. Its for those who are morbidly obese and proud of it and encouraging others to join them. These are the sort of people who stuff themselves with enough food in a single meal that could potentially feed a starving African village for an entire week.

How fat?

This fat.

Whats worse than the mental scarring I just subjected you to?

The psychological scarring these people have engaged in to normalize this degenerate behavior of theirs, as a lifestyle that ought be celebrated.

It’s not like these people don’t know just how harmful their condition is, but they’ve deluded themselves into eating into an early retirement from life.

Whats wrong with being fat?

Nothing apparently.

If you ignore the diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, fatty liver, sleep apnea, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, reduced lifespan, inability to walk, constant body pain, breathing difficulties, lower social worth, low self-esteem, then you are as healthy as a horse.

People who are just “obese” are susceptible to the above mentioned medical conditions, so you can imagine how healthy the size EXLs are.

EXL – Exponentially Extra Large

Why are you targeting people just because they have a few excess pounds?

I am not talking about the moderately obese. I am referring to the big mamas of the world, who are so fat that even Dora couldn’t finish exploring them. Didn’t you read the disclaimer?

Go back and read the disclaimer, and yes, this is what men find attractive.

And as for why I’m targeting them,

I’m targeting them because even Dora couldn’t finish exploring them. If Dora couldn’t do it, then what chance does a doctor have when tasked with saving their lives?

To be honest, even they’ve given up.

Do you realize just how offensive this is?

I do, which is why I put a disclaimer at the beginning of the article, so you knew what you were in for.

But here you are, shocked to find controversial content.

It’s almost as if you were looking for reasons to get offended.

Naughty, naughty.

And if you do find this offensive, then I have to ask why you find it so. I may have been brutal and unforgiving in this article, but where is the lie?

Are there people who maintained a restricted diet but still found themselves in this situation because of hormonal issues? Yes there are, and I bet you, they wouldn’t take offense at what I’ve written. They know what I’ve written is true, and see the lies being touted by their “allies” for what they really are.

They are genuinely trying to undo the damage, unlike the triggered fatty balloons over at the eat your everything out parade, who are motivating them to sink further into their misery.

You must be incredibly miserable to harbor such toxic levels of disdain towards those who are physically challenged.

First of all, they are not physically challenged.

They are the crackheads of the food world, and do tell me, why do you hold these food addicts in such high esteem? Is it their charisma that drives you towards them, or the gravity exerted by their weight that pulls you towards them?

At least crackheads admit their addiction is harmful.

I don’t like them because they are killing themselves and get mad at us for pointing out the obvious. They want to eat and get praised for it. The only time that happens is when you are a toddler.

Wanting to get the toddler experience when you are an adult is cringeworthy to say the least.

They may be physically challenged, but they are driven to achieve success just like everyone else.

Putting on that kind of weight may be an achievement, but not something you ought to be proud of. You didn’t crawl through a sewage in Iraq, assassinated the heads of ISIS and lost your legs in the process; you fed yourself into immobility.

Most who are obese know what their condition entails, which is why they don’t try to get themselves featured on the front cover of fashion magazines. It’s the crazy ones who are feeding themselves to death, and feeding the impressionable minds of the young with their nonsensical drivel that I’m after.

They are trying to convert their obsession with food into a fashion statement, and none of you see anything wrong with that?

Harassing the physically challenged only makes them depressed. Accepting them is the way forward.

Again with that physically challenged crap.

This is physically challenged.

 And this is narcissistically challenged.

Kelly Jean Drinkwater – Passed away due to weight related patriarchal oppression.

Believe it or not, these are people who are literally fighting for the right to eat themselves to death. I can understand wanting to kick the bucket when you are suffering from a condition so severe that you can’t function like a normal human being, but to deliberately bring yourself into such a condition? And label everyone who thinks it’s a dumb thing to fight for, as racists? Do you even know what racism means?

They eat themselves into depression, and blame everyone else for not accepting them.

Forget us, your own clothes won’t even accept you.

Which is why you resort to such travesty in fashion.

Accepting their degenerate behaviour doesn’t make things any better for them. Why feed them lies? That will only make their egos fatter – as if they weren’t fat enough already.

Everyday I wake up I am motivated to maintain my curves and show the world that I am a strong and independent woman.

This is the sort of crap people say to themselves when they are convinced that they are victims to a power beyond them. It’s delusional thinking masquerading as a confidence.

All those plus size models and fat activists(which is an oxymoron), are doing us a great disservice. They aren’t empowering fatties, they are empowering the food industries.

Body shape doesn’t matter, its whats on the inside that counts.


If you’re a diabetic because of all the food and sugary soda you tossed down your throat, then continue doing so, because its what’s on the inside that counts.

Also, I have to remind you, diabetes, heart diseases, ruptured vessels, high blood pressure are all diseases that happen on the inside, so as long as you’re taking care of whats on the inside which you clearly aren’t, you are good to go.

And by go, I mean pass off into the afterlife in a casket large enough to ferry the animals for another 40 years during the next God induced flood.

Why build an ark when you can eat yourself into one?

You can’t eat unhealthy food and expect your insides to reflect a paragon of good health. Sorry but, you can’t have your cake and eat it as well, and no amount of fat acceptance hysteria will get your greedy paws anywhere near that cake.

You’d be too fat to reach it.

That’s not what I meant! It’s attitude and personality that matters most!

Attitude and personality matters.

If you’re still alive to show them.

Fat people are an oppressed minority. You ought to treat them with respect!

How are you being oppressed?

You’re the ones eating all our food.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, now you want to eat our heads with your fat acceptance nonsense. If anything, it’s the disenfranchised non-fatties that need a movement.

The very fact that there are people out there fighting for your inane cause shows just how privileged you are.

But no, it’s not your fault.

Its ours.

We should have known better than to assume you knew you have to take personal responsibility.

Throwing tantrums is empowering now.

I have a family history of obesity.

Obesity isn’t genetic, but just for the sake of argument, say it is. It’s not a herculean task to purchase a gym membership and workout 3 times a week, unless you are so obese that only a gastric bypass can save you.

Watching your diet and exercising, even if its limited to swapping chips for salad and going out for walks every day in the morning, goes a long way. That momentum will carry you forward.

Realize this – it’s not that obesity runs in the family, but that no one runs in the family.

Other than running to the fridge.

No one wants to help us!

You have everything you will ever need – from exercising equipments to the right to go out for a walk whenever you want, but you’ve decided to sit at home and stuff your mouth.

Yes, it’s incredibly difficult, and could take years to shed off all that excess weight, but why is that touted as an excuse to avoid exercise?

David Goggins faced a similar situation, and failed many times before making it past the greatest obstacle he ever had to face; himself.

Watching his video, it becomes as clear as day, that it’s the momentum gained from pushing yourself that generates confidence.

That confidence emboldened him and powered him through Three navy hell weeks. He didn’t make it through the first two, but succeeded on his third attempt, in which one of the participants passed away during the training.

That’s how bloody difficult the Navy Seal Training is.

If he can, then so can you. At least try.

We can’t do the exercise for you, which is why no one can help you with that. I can’t give you my momentum either, the universe isn’t designed that way.

It’s your fat, and your obsession that only YOU can take care of.

Society has no place for these poor souls!

By saying that, you are subtly implying society should accommodate them without judgement, but there’s one problem with that.

Respect doesn’t work that way, since its earned.

Also, these people don’t exist in a vacuum, they live in society. What they desperately want is to be accepted, but their lifestyle is what prevents them from achieving it, not our opinions about them.

But those fat activists want us to believe that its society and people that are at fault. It’s society that has to change its shape to accommodate fatties – the very people who can’t accommodate their fat asses into their own clothes and blame the fashion industry for promoting thin privilege.

If anyone is pushing you away from us, it’s those activists.

Yes, these nutcases.

Fat Activists Want You To Remain Miserable

Believe it or not, they want you to remain sick so that they can profit off your condition. They need someone they can fight for, to garner the political support they so desperately crave. Don’t give into their games.

The only positive response you will receive from the common folk, is pity. Pity only turns into positive encouragement when you set things into motion and start exercising or change your diet.

The more milestones you cover, and the more stones you lose, the more support you get, not from the others, but from yourself. You’ve shown those negative thoughts and emotions that you can do it.

Your progress will propel you forward, not some movement that was designed to feed off your misery.

She struggles everyday to maintain tip top shape, and so should you, if you want to become as desirable as her.

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