Welcome to another edition of Feminism Makes Me Cringe!

In today’s episode, we will dissect the notion of absolute equality between the genders.

What, You Don’t Think Men and Women Are Equal?!

Woah there, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet, nor have we traversed past the flashy poster I made for this article.
I’m glad you got the engine running by taking offense, but don’t start running your mouth before the race begins. That’s cheating.

I Know You Are Being Sarcastic When Yo-

Yeah, I get it, I get it.
Calm down already, we have all the time in the world to address your snowflake sensitive feelings.

You’re melting a little too fast for me to pick on you.

So you find what I stated offensive.

Yes, How Could You Say Something Like That!

What, don’t you believe men and women are equal? I thought you cared about gender disparity, and was actively seeking to reduce it by whining about it online and smearing people like me.
I’m disappointed in you.

I Do Care, And I Also Know You Are Being Sarcastic In The Title!

Ahh, you smart little snowflake. You’ve seen right through me, and now planning to launch a counterattack. I wonder how you will fare.

Stop Talking To Yourself and Answer Me!

I wish I could, but then the article will stop here. I am arguing with the feminist inside my head (The one I have chained up and battered).

The point of this article is to prove that men and women are not just unequal, but can never be equal.

I don’t believe the sexes are equal. I believe they are different, and have different strengths as a result. I’ll say it again,

Men and Women are not equal.

But They Are!

Then why fight for equal rights? If they are equal, then why is there such a huge emphasis on fighting for women’s rights?

Because Being Equal is Not The Same As Having Equal Rights!

How So?

If men and women were truly equal, then they’d share the burden of life evenly, and be judged on the exact same metrics. Men aren’t shamed for drinking, but women are (at least in those parts of the world that still value their women), and men are vilified for daring to lay their hands on a defenseless woman, while those very defenseless women are celebrated for raising their hands against men.

This is funny because its a man on the receiving end. Also, since its Bill Burr.

That Doesn’t Prove a Thing!

Do men shame other men for sleeping around with multiple women? Do women shame other women for pursuing a career?

If we are equal, then our problems would have been one in the same.

We are not the same.

Our strengths and weaknesses are different, as witnessed by our struggles.

Men aren’t gifted with their most coveted resource at birth, nor is it made readily available after they reach a certain age – they have to be persistent in their pursuit of that which makes them valuable, if they are to ever fully realize their potential in life, while women only have to grow past a certain age to unlock their full potential.

In her youth, she has the world at her fingertips. And she sleeps with all the badboys in town because Muh Body, Muh Choice.

That is a Bunch of Sexist Garbage!

Oh, how I wish it was, but reality plays by its own rules, not the ones you want it to. No amount of social engineering is going to change the dynamic that exists between the sexes. This is how the universe wants us to dance, and if we go against it or try to control it, reality rewards our efforts with abject misery.

Just think about it.

I’ve Thought About it, and It’s a Load of Crap!

It’s okay to disagree, but wrong to dismiss stone cold facts that are accessible at your fingertips. Put that smartphone of yours to better use, instead of fishing for attention online.

There’s nothing impressive about standing out from the majority, when that is being done in an attempt to impress the majority.

I care about what is true, not what is supposed to be true. It’s the truth that will set you free.

And the truth here is largely self-evident, but we are slowly being conditioned to value feelings over matters of utmost concern.

What Are You Rambling On About?  

Men are expected to lead and achieve, while women are expected to safeguard and nurture. You believe this dynamic has to be changed to accommodate women.

Only problem with that line of thought, is it has already been executed in first world countries, but you are still stuck believing the code hasn’t been compiled and pushed into production yet. You are busy jamming more and more of your progressive nonsense into the system, hoping Big Brother complies it the way you envision it to.

Big Brother has already complied your hysteria in countries like Sweden which by the way, was the safest place in the world for women, until the feminist code was patched into production, and now it’s turned Sweden into the rape capital of Europe.

Google Nigel Farage. You’ll thank me later.

How Can Pushing For Equal Right Lead To More Issues?

That’s because Big Brother cares only about himself. He is greedy and vindictive, which is why he won’t hesitate to make use of people like you to further his expansion.

Useful idiots for the government.

When you push for equal rights, you are asking for the government to intervene, and that’s a big problem.

What may seem like the right thing to do, may not always be the right thing to do. You may believe transgender men are capable of transitioning into women and vice versa, and that it is their right to demand punishment for those who don’t acknowledge them and individuals worthy of respect and address them by their preferred pronouns.

But realize that for this to happen naturally, you have to give people time. Some are never going to accept it, while others may eventually stop giving a damn about what a person decides to call himself or zerself.

Also, mutilating yourself doesn’t generate respect.

Things that require consistent effort are respected because things that require consistent effort are termed as achievements, like raising your kids right.

Transgenders Are a Persecuted Minority, And You Are NOT Helping By Saying Any of This

I believe transgenders didn’t have the right sort of guidance or were abused, which is why they are mentally disturbed about their sexual identity. I could be wrong about the details, but I know for a fact that they have the highest suicide rates because they don’t accept themselves.

They believe transitioning will make them feel complete – it doesn’t.

Also, the Big Brother isn’t making life any easier for you.

Hows that equality workin’ out for ya?

They believe Big Brother will make everything better for them, once he legislates laws in their favor – it won’t.
Turn off social media, your celebrities are lying to you. Yes, politicians are celebrities too – they have a cult like following nowadays.
They want your attention, so they will stick to niceties as long as you continue to feed their egos and further their careers.

What is Wrong With Getting The Government To Enforce the Right Policies?

The problem with that is the government can only enforce restrictions.

Violence is how they get people to behave in an expected way.

By requesting Big Brother to intervene, you are telling him it’s okay to put a gun over our heads and force us to adhere to policies that we may or may to agree with.

Even if they happen to be the right policies, is that how you want people to be governed? Is your faith in humanity so weak that you believe only threats of violence can put us on the right path?

Ok Fine, No Government. Why Don’t You Believe The Sexes Are Equal?

I already offered you a lengthy description of why that is, but since you asked politely, I’ll make it simpler this time, right after I’m done with my therapy session. People say I spend too much time by myself, arguing with imaginary feminists. I bet they are just jealous of my ability to engage in deep and meaningful discussions with myself.

Men and women have always been different, and the fact that there is a push to make them equal drives that point home. Men are criticized for being too aggressive, while women are encouraged to be more aggressive. Men are criticized for not giving women the opportunities they rightfully deserve, by nabbing all the good jobs and leaving crumbs behind for the poor but strong and independent women to fight over.

Women are always treated like victims, with men being the predators who constantly poach them.

At the very least, we can troll these self-righteous thots online without getting ban- oh wait…

For centuries, men have been the protectors, while women were the caretakers. We worked on our strengths, not on our weaknesses, which is what got us so far.

The only reason feminism reigns supreme in first world countries, is because these countries have progressed so far, that they have started to prioritize feelings. That’s how far they have advanced, and women have taken advantage of that not because they are “women” but because it is in our nature as human beings to take advantage of others.

It’s a cold way of looking at our species, but if you’ve ever worked in an office, then I bet you know what I am talking about.

And to top this off, the fact that men and women have been treated differently in the past, with a different set of expectations placed onto them, makes my point valid.

But Its Wrong! Men and Women Should Be Equal!

But they aren’t.

Why do you want to make them equal? You think that’s going to solve anything? How do you plan on actualizing that? Who is going to decide what attributes are acceptable and what aren’t? Who has to shed his birth given attributes just to conform to your notion of equality? Who is going to decide what is acceptable and what isn’t?

You’ve heard of toxic masculinity, but what about toxic femininity? You’ve heard of the phrase “All men are born to rape” but have you ever come across the phrase “All women are gold digging whores”? Which phrase receives the most backlash, and from which side of the gender? How many sides are there to the gender table? Who advised the carpenter to cut more sides into the gender table?

Either they have lost their minds, or they have been watching too much Pokémon.

Before you start quoting solutions, you have to first answer these tough questions. You can’t solve anything unless you see the full picture first, and who is pulling the strings from the back.

Problems like these don’t have a clear cut solution that can be implemented with ease. They have persisted for centuries, and will remain as long as we foolishly try to solve them with what we think ought to be the solution, instead of studying them in depth and seeing them for what they are.

You’ve Done An Excellent Job of Rattling On. Were You Even Trying To Change My Mind?

How can I change a mind that latches onto fleeting emotions as proof of his or hers sense of conviction?

I’ve argued from a logical standpoint, one that relies on rational thought that is rigid and set in stone. You are relying on feelings to draw conclusions, hoping that the imprints you make on the sandy shores of your mind won’t get washed away by the waters of your emotions.

Just because something feels right, doesn’t mean it is true. You might feel strongly about something, but that something is brittle and won’t stand the test of time.

There’s a reason people don’t watch women’s sports with as much frequency as they watch men’s sport. Your conditioning might tell you that its people’s inherent sexism that prevents them from watching women’s sports, but that’s not it.

Women’s sports is not as great to watch; a conclusion you will arrive at on your own, once you draw a contract behind both sides.

I bet those boys relied on their toxic masculinity to win.

Every Line On Your Page Drips With Sexism!

Stubborn as ever eh?

I think I’ll end it here. I’ve done enough damage today; maybe I’ll dive into women’s sports in the next episode.

Lets wrap this one up with a meme I found online.


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