Welcome to yet another cringe inducing montage of Feminism Makes Me Cringe!

Today we are going to defend the privileged guests of the Patriarchy like we always do, against the rabid flea infested mutts of feminism!

Let’s dive into the flea infested circus of theirs and jump back out as quickly as we can once we done with them.

Men were born into privilege, a sign commonly observed between their legs.

Our ding dongs are a sign of privilege?

It’s sad to see the fairer sex obsess about the ding dongs, knowing they can avail one anytime they step out into the open. Women these days wear lesser and lesser clothes, so the ding dongs are often erect with vigor and not that far out of reach.

Don’t know what the fuss is all about.

Stop trying to make a joke out of this! Men are born into privilege, and women have to lead miserable lives thanks to them!

I bet the men who stayed back on the Titanic were privileged to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Women and children get to live while the men had to sacrifice themselves to ensure that their wives and children get to see another day. 

“Men stay behind, letting their women and children live to see another day”
Men really ought to check their privilege! How dare the die with their dignities intact!

STOP IT! Women are getting raped left and right, and here you are poking jokes at it all!

That is a big fat lie.

Women do get raped, but the most serious ones are socially accepted.

The socially accepted ones are what feminists do to the minds of young boys and girls, as they brainwash them into accepting gender fluid theory and transsexualism. They will teach little girls that they are victims from birth, while the little boys are predators to be feared. Little boys are taught that they are monsters that can only redeem themselves if they become women.

The rapes perpetuated by those who feed off people’s narcissistic need to feel better about themselves, will say the sweetest of things before dragging the girls one by one into the alley of feminism, slowly choking them out of their best years after drugging them with the illusion of careers and independence.

That is not to say that women ought not to pursue careers, but that they ought to prioritize things properly. But that last statement will fall on deaf ears, so I am going to say this instead,

Men aren’t privileged.

Women are.

WHAT? Did you actually say that? OMG! What a delusional freak! Getting raped is not a privilege mind you!

Enough with the rape. 

That might have served as a conversation stopper with your simp orbiters, but that isn’t going to work here.

Cold hard facts iced to perfection is what we serve in this bar.

People come to the bar to get their kicks, and a thundering barrel of kicks I am going to serve.

Yoda makes an entry. And now leave he must.

Back to your delusional assessment of men, 

Yes, it’s completely Delusional.

Men aren’t privileged, but women are.

Laws are present to protect women from men, and not the other way around.

This is called, privilege.

Laws are present to get more women into universities and colleges, at the expense of men.

This is called, privilege.

Laws are present to favor women in a custody battle, while ten times out of ten portraying the father as a deadbeat alcoholic who ought to be shot and hanged and shot once more just for the heck of it.

This is called, privilege.

Laws are present to put a man behind bars if he doesn’t pay alimony, even if the kid isn’t his. 

This is called, privilege.

Laws are present to forbid a man from ever seeing his kids if the mother of said kids feel threatened by the father of said kids.

This is called, privilege.

Above 75% of rape accusations are false in India, yet we are being fed the lie of 5-10% only being false to conceal the vindictive nature of the fairer sex.

This is called, privilege.

Laws are present to penalize people like me for writing “hurtful” and “mean” things about women.

This is called, privilege

I could lose my job over this.

This is called, being a Dumbass with a Thick Skull.

And it’s directed towards me.

Laws are present to let women into the military, navy, police and firefighting at the expense of the whole fucking country.

This is called, one HECK of a privilege.

Need I say more?

Men get to travel, explore and live their lives to the fullest, while women have to slave away in the kitchen, making sandwiches for them!

Men get to do whatever they want because we aren’t valued. 

The men that are valued are the top 10%, while the rest of us have to make it to that 10% to be valued.

Men are born into deficit, which is why we have to slog our way to the top.

Women only need to exist and make the right life choices, unlike men who have to not only make the right life choices, but also have to work diligently.

But that’s how it is. We have accepted our reality and only share our grievances with other men, it’s only you that can’t seem to stop whining about things not being fair. When is the last time a man complained to you about his life? If you have had that exchange, then I bet you can also recollect just how disgusted you were by his admission, because men who complain are viewed as weak, needy and desperate.

What happens when you complain? You have people who you can confide in, from both sides of the gender, or from all ends of the gender spectrum or whatever the hell it is you want to call your delusional assessment of gender.

By the way, are you done making that sandwich?

Yes, And I ate the fuckin thing!

Aww, its alright. You must be hungry from all that working and complaining. 

Go make another one.

This is what I mean, you and your privilege!

Men aren’t privileged, but are responsible for progress.

Read that once again, men are responsible, which is why they are always held responsible for crimes, even if the evidence is to the contrary.

Men make the rules, and the rules only get bend to favor women because there is a man doing the bending and puncturing holes into the law because of some perverted sense of equality.

And the “men”(a term I am using very lightly here) often looks like this.

What utter nonsense! Who do you think the leaders of feminism are? 

As for feminism, it isn’t what it is today because of the women who fought for it, but thanks to men who let it happen. They felt it was fair to allow women the upper hand because of some inherent sense of superiority they felt women possessed, and its these very people that are responsible for the rot we see these days. It’s our fault for not raising our sons into men, and daughters into ladies. We have stunted their growth by not providing them with the guidance needed to mature into adults.

Men are praised for adopting female characteristics, while women are praised for adopting masculine characteristics, and you know what? They are bloody miserable for doing so.

I will say that feminism started off on the right foot, it was meant for working mothers, which it no longer is today. The feminism we see in this day and age is tailored to feed corporate interests, by convincing women to give up family, to view motherhood as something beneath them, and to prioritize their work and career over everything else. 

You can have that family whenever you want, because men and women are equal! But that family will consist of cats.

Feminism has been molded to fit corporate interests by reducing labor costs and increasing sales opportunities. Who do you think is funding this fat acceptance nonsense? Who ultimately benefits from an overweight population?

Food and death care industries.

Again with your delusional conclusions, none of that is true! You better check your privilege before you make such assessments with blatant disregard for the people it will negatively affect!

Here’s something to piss you off some more, the corporations that you are being programmed to fetishize, it is one of the deepest embodiment of masculinity.

You don’t get ahead by being a wuss that waits for people to see how long and hard you worked last Saturday night. You have to be a go getter to climb up the corporate ladder.

Has it dawned upon you yet? That the movement you are so darn proud of, has been manipulated by the corporate beast?

There is nothing “Masculine” about corporations! We have women working there as well!

Why are there programs and article after article penned by hysterical feminazis explaining the importance of maintaining a gender neutral office? Because it’s a masculine environment.

Corporations are environments that sustain itself by competing with other corporations for sales opportunities and resources.

Being soft and feminine in a setting that will only allow you to flourish if you are a go getter will leave you frustrated and very soon, looking for another job. The aggressive ones will outcompete you and portray you in a bad light.

So the women have to become aggressive themselves, to survive in such an environment, in other words, they became like men.

You aren’t going to achieve those sales and marketing targets by waiting for things to happen. You have to chase after clients aggressively, which is a hallmark trait of masculinity.

Face it, you have been duped.

Your entire life has been a lie.

Maybe this whole “career over family” thing wasn’t the best way forward…

NO! I won’t believe that!

You don’t have to. 

There are enough people out there willing to keep you sedated in your delusional assessment of the world. Why wouldn’t feminists and corporations lie to you, they are the ones reaping the benefits. It would be foolish to let such an opportunity go.

Corporations are very pragmatic in their approach, they don’t have feelings, morals or ethics – they have targets to achieve, and achieve them they will.

You’re a liar! I am going to shut down your blog one way or another!

And there you have it.

People don’t care about what is true, but what should be true. If they see or hear something to the contrary, It has to be silenced and shot down because it doesn’t feel right.

A lot of the damage you see right now can be traced back to us men.

Prophets have for centuries warned us, but we pay them no heed because what could they have possibly known with their outdated mindset and superstitious beliefs? They were dumb enough to think that the Earth was flat, so it only makes sense to dismiss everything they have to offer, after all, the were a superstitious bunch, now weren’t they?

Let’s throw away the Indian Constitution, its outdated! 

All major religions, despite their vicious resentment of each other, never fail to view women in a similar light. Those view however, are extreme, but they do point to a serious flaw that we have decided to overlook in order to avoid offending the fairer sex.

As men we have our flaws, and both sides of the gender “spectrum” speak openly about it, but when was the last time you heard anyone discuss the flaws of women? How are men who discuss the redpill or pick up artistry viewed and treated? That right that is your answer.

Most of what we know about women, but have decided to ignore to avoid causing offense, have withstood the test of time, but none of that matters now, because what’s important is that which makes you feel better.

If something feels right, that’s because it is right.

If something feels wrong, that’s because it is wrong.

If a women feels that men are born privileged, or that white men, because they are white, and men, are oppressors from the time they are born, that is all the reason you need to condemn the entire race, with an added bonus of not looking like a racist. 

Funny how that works, doesn’t it?

If a woman feels threatened, that is all the reason you need to strip a man of his dignity and toss him into prison; not evidence of misconduct, but her telling you that she felt uncomfortable with such and such person. 

If this is the philosophy you wish to support and abide by, then you might as well build your house on quicksand and “hope” that it doesn’t cave in. 

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