Welcome to another edition of feminist-batshit-crazy philosophy!

Today, we will study how our strong and independent counterparts are more than capable when it comes to balancing a stressful job and raising a kid into a fully functional adult.

Women can do just FINE by themselves.

Why of course she can! As long as she is in her prime, the world will treat her exactly the way she wants. Men will lavish her with attention, adulation, expensive gifts and trips across the world.

But once she gets knocked up by that smoking hot stranger she hooked up with last night in that bar, or marries the “wrong man”, things start to take a turn for the worst.

The smoking hot stranger didn’t knock you up with the intent of marrying you, and in case you married the wrong man, he will be utterly incapable of handling the responsibilities of parenthood, and will ultimately deserts you the moment he gets a chance to.

Until then, you will do just fine.

Stay away from smoking hot strangers, unless you are a strong and thick-headed woman.

If a Woman Decides to Have a Baby, It’s Her Choice!

That’s not always true.

The strong and I-don’t-Need-No-Man-dependent women who end up as single moms are those who think its hot and kinky to have unprotected sex. They give into their impulses and call it “empowering” because nothing says strong and independent like giving it up to any Tom, Dick and crackhead Harry.

It’s hot to have unprotected sex which is why you ought to avoid the temptation. Getting knocked up and turning into a single parent is one of the many consequences of engaging in unhinged promiscuous behavior. How you can call that empowering is beyond me.

Desiring sex isn’t wrong, but engaging in it with a frequency that would even make the rabbits jealous, is.

How many carrots is that broad going to gobble up?

And besides, getting knocked up by stranger isn’t something to be proud of ladies, and you know it.

How Insulting! A Woman Can Do Whatever She Likes With Her Body! That Doesn’t Mean You Can Degrade Her Like That!

If she sleeps around, she is a hoe. Period.

Women don’t have to struggle to get laid; all they have to do is show up wearing as little as possible. Men don’t have it as easy, which is why chads are praised and sluts are shamed.

People who sleep around aren’t relationship material because they have no control over their sexual impulses. We have known this for centuries, but now its wrong because its “mean” and “offensive” to call a player a player, and a hoe a hoe.

Stating facts isn’t called degrading, it’s called stating facts.

What Do You Know! You Aren’t a Single Mother!

If anyone should be a staunch supporter of single moms, it should be me.

I was raised by a single mother.

I saw how she struggled to take care of me while also working to make ends meet and balance the responsibilities my father chucked onto her, because it just wasn’t his thing.

Drinking himself into ruin and misery was his thing, and he took it very seriously.

A single parent cannot raise a child into a healthy adult. The parent might be able to provide basic necessities, but they are largely absent or fatigued – through no fault of their own – but from handling everything on their own.

Assuming you end up making the disastrous mistake of marrying or hooking up with the wrong man who ends up walking out on you, you won’t have time to bond with your kids because you would be too busy trying to make ends meet.

But kids don’t understand that. All they understand is Mother is away most of the time, which they will interpret as “she doesn’t care for me since she isn’t willing to make time for me.”

If you can’t bond with them, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to discipline them.

The moment you try imposing authority onto your kid – that very kid you didn’t have time for and didn’t bond with – he won’t have time for you. The more you push your morals and principles onto him in the hopes that he sees the goodness in them, the larger the child’s scorn and resentment grows.

I know this because I’ve experienced is, and it’s not a good feeling.

Not All Children Raised By Single Parents Share The Same Sentiments as You Do!

Even then, single parenthood is a shit deal, because you end up raising a kid who will eventually come to hate you and everyone in this world.

It’s not your fault nor is it the child’s.

The child sees other kids with both parents by their side, which is bound to make him feel resentful and greatly saddened by the reality he has to endure.

It’s this feeling of lose – its depth to be exact – that his parent cannot understand, for the parent has more experience under his belt and hence more resilient that the child, while the child with his limited understanding of the world around him and of what the natural order of things are, is forced to slowly freeze his heart to prevent the pain and agony from his beating heart to get to him.

He has to learn to remain stone cold, not only the parent who walked out on him, but also to the person who is taking care of him now, because God only knows when she too will walk out on him.

Such are the fears that assault a child in the candy castle of his terrified little mind.

The pain is what deters them from trusting others, hence making them easy targets for predators.

Not all kids raised by single parents turn out bad, but they carry the same pain and loss.

It’s a scar that will cut deep into them, and serve as a reminder of what they could have had, but never will.

That’s Because People Don’t Marry Their One True Love!

I believe the whole “marry for love” is a load of crap that needs to get flushed away for good.

Marriage isn’t about love – it’s a commitment. Breaking this vow has dire consequences that you cannot avoid.

Marriage is for adults who completely understand what it entails.

If you don’t believe in God, believe in consequences instead, because they are more real than any God you could conjure up in that tiny little head of yours.

People who don’t take it seriously, wonder why their family is in tatters. Marriage is an important decision – an investment for the future. To ensure you will have good prospects, you have to rely on your mental faculties, as opposed to letting your feelings of love and excitement get the better of you.

Do you trade stocks based on your “feelings” about it? Or do you conduct statistical analysis before deciding to invest or sell assets? 

I don’t know a damn thing about stocks, so I’m assuming you study the market and consult experts before closing a deal.

But the fact remains that you make decisions based on concrete factual or statistical steps. Why?

Because the end goal of stock investing is to cut your losses and make profits. So what is the end goal of marriage?

The end goal of marriage is to raise healthy kids.

It isn’t about love or any of that nonsense – The only love that will flower out of marriage is the one you will have for your kids.

Its those tiny buds you will tenderly nurture and cultivate into a sprawling garden together with your wife that will provide your life with meaning; not some fancy job title or a spacious office cubicle.

Meaning comes from this, not from your career.

So I should get married ONLY if I want kids?


Or Else What?

You can get married, and face the consequences of treating it without the importance it deserves.

What I am trying to convey is consequences of taking it lightly. This isn’t a relationship you can back out of just because you “stopped feeling” it, and want to try something different. Your mind is saturated with all of that “I have a right to” crap.

First of all, Fuck your rights.

They don’t mean a damn thing.

And next, Fuck your feelings.

They don’t mean a damn thing to anyone but yourself.

Screw You! It’s My Life, And I Will Decide Who To Spend It With!

Good, you should think about who you will spend the rest of your life with, and take it seriously. That man, or woman is going to be the parent of your child.

If you are getting married for love, think again.

Will that love last?

What sustains it?

How can you be so sure?

Once it fizzles away and loses its grip on you, like most feelings of attachments eventually do, what will be the glue that binds you together as a family?

If you choose to ignore the important things in life, you will pay dearly for it, and the feelings you’ve carefully sheltered won’t be there to help you with any of it.

Feelings don’t turn back the hands on Father Time’s clock.

Time marches on, with or without your consent.

Those feelings of security and comfort will fizzle away like they always do, since you never took the effort to discipline yourself enough to see your emotions for what they are; fleeting titbits of pain and joy that ought to be experienced in the moment they present themselves to you, as opposed to treating them like a universal compass.

Feelings aren’t your North star. A slave can never lead, and if you follow a slave, he will turn you into a slave as well. Slaves only know to obey, and that’s all they can impart to you.

My Future Kid Will Love Me, Even If I Am a Single Parent.

Children are naturally inclined to love their parents; you have to give them a really good reason not to love them. My father succeeded in doing so, and believe me when I say this, it becomes very hard to forgive someone you started to hate as a child.

Teaching a child to hate is difficult, and to undo it is a fool’s errand.

I had to endure a lot of psychological damage thanks to my father’s brilliant decision to run away from fatherhood, instead of embracing its hardships and reaping its benefits which are plentiful.

Most things in life are unpredictable, but you can reduce the chances of being dealt a bad hand by taking some time to think about the consequences of engaging in certain behaviors or by taking things lightly.

If The Guy I End Up With Turns Out To Be An Asshole, I’ll Dump Him. It’s That Easy, Too Bad Your Mom Didn’t Think of That.

Single parenthood is not something to aspire to, don’t let those feminists fool you.

You need both the mother and the father to ensure the kid grows up to be a fine adult capable of withstanding the blows dealt onto him by life. Try your best to provide for child, since he is both parent’s responsibility. If the parent says he has no intention of raising his own kid, then its best to part ways, since there are instances where the child is better off without the parent, when the parent happens to be toxic.

If the parent doesn’t care for the child, that will hurt him. It’s best to keep the child away from such trauma.

And back to your brilliant plan of dumping the guy, on what basis are you going to file for divorce? Is it for personal gain, or vengeance, or both?

How do you know that the bad parent is him, and not YOU?

Might want to look into the mirror every once in a while.

You might need to do some introspection first, before taking those steps, because there is no going back, once you play your cards.

A card dealt, is never going back into your hand.

Your Parent’s Screwed Up, And You Are Trying To Take It Out On Everyone Else.

Talk about burying a wound in heaps of salt, you have really outdone yourself with this one!

The finger in the photo you for saying that!

If I can prevent such disasters from happening, that will make my experience worthwhile.

Knowing that I prevented, or helped someone find his way out of this nightmare,

Knowing that I was able to provide him with solace,

Knowing that my contributions, no matter how little or insignificant,

Were able to reach people in need of hearing it most,

And that there are other out there who have experienced this soul crushing event transpire in their lives and are fighting to find a way out of it,

That makes my life worth living

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