Infected With The Truth

The more time I spend thinking about it, the more I’m convinced of this one fact.

And that fact is, the more comfort we are provided with, the more we want to escape from it.

Also, the more time we spend drifting about in the warm waves of comfort, the deeper we sink into depression.

Overdosing on the Alcohol of Comfort

Comfort can be thought of as a drug. It induces pleasure, and closes you off from the rest of the world. It does a brilliant job of cocooning you in a world of delusions and self-doubt, as it dulls your focus and trains you to become less ambitious.

Comfort never induces drive; pain and misery do.

Cheers to another day of misery!

Then there are People on the flip side, desperately striving to be successful because they are busy trying to escape from their misery by inviting success into their lives. They mistakenly believe that running away from themselves will make them happier. It won’t.

But this running away from themselves only induces more misery in the long run. It’s a vicious loop that increments their suffering as time goes by.

Either way you are screwed, and when some of us contract the free soul virus.

Comfort Comes From Order

We start off our careers by getting whatever job we can find, in the hopes that the experience gained from the first one will land us an even better job. We repeat that process again to increase our chances of landing ourselves a fairly comfortable package that will sustain us.

On the surface this might seem smart, but why do we do it?

Its to reap the benefits of our labor and get what we want most – a sense of security.

Of course, we get jobs to make ends meet, but we also get them for reason other than putting food on the table and providing shelter. We do also do it for the reputation and comfort it brings us. You can even think of reputation as comfort, since it’s a form of social proof that allows us to rest at ease, knowing others think highly of us.

Be gone from me peasant, thou art a mere programmer. Show some respect to your practice head.

Except, we worry and obsess about our reputation being tampered with, so although it does provide a stronghold for our egos to reside in, it is not as “strong” as we’d like to think it is. If anything, it’s a glass-ceiling riddled with cracks of insecurity.

Many eventually realize this, and hope to escape from it, and in the process of finding a way out of the prison they voluntarily walked into, they contract what I call, “The Free Soul Virus”.

The Free Soul Fever

Once afflicted with this fever, your mind, body and soul starts to fight with each other. The mind commands you to stay at work, the soul whispers to walk away and the body struggles to maintain a balance between the two. 

And its a fever that rages on, making you feel worse with every day that passes by.

But this doesn’t make you unique, because the free soul virus is similar to the common cold; everyone gets infected with it and slowly recovers from it, but never in its entirety.

They medicate with stress and brainwashing to combat the dissatisfaction that arises from working on something that brings pittance in return.

Will you be remembered for closing a deal last Friday? How about getting stuck in traffic each day on the way to work? What about that one time you went out of your way to please a client, only to get a “Good job, now get back to work” from the management instead of a promotion or bonus in return?

I bet people would be envious.

Terminally Hippie

Many of us actively nurture this fever by opening ourselves to it for so long, that they take over and flood the brain with an emotional high that washes away common sense.

Say hello to Hippies.

Once you open your mind, life will fill it wonder and awe.

Once you open your mind, you will rediscover the tormented child that was hiding inside of you.

Once you open your mind, you will take risks that ought now to be taken.

Once you open your mind, you will learn to embrace everything life throws at you.

Did you know that money is not the most important thing but love is? I do!

Did you know that the universe is made of love? Heck yeah!

Did you know that everything has a spirit? They do?!

Welcome to the Hip side.

You see, it’s tempting to throw caution to the wind and set off on an adventure of self-discovery, but the whole “Find yourself” is a recipe for disaster.

There are many out there who take advantage of fools like that and convert them into loyal servants. They come in the form of gurus and masters who claim to have discovered the secret to unending peace and prosperity, and are more than willing to share it with you, once you submit to them.

They won’t hesitate to make use of your open-minded approach to life.

Also, hippies may talk about love, freedom and saving the planet, but its important to study what pushes them into that sort of mind set.

Why flourish a lifestyle that most people view as degenerate, self-absorbent or plain idiotic? Why are they viewed in that way? Why purposely plunge into social exile?

They believe that by doing so, they can experience true happiness. They believe that suffering ought to be avoided at all costs, for it is a disease that stifles the spirit, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

I Don’t Want that Job!

You have to realize that there is no escape from life’s ordeals.

Getting a job is not the most pleasant thing in the world, but it is a step in the right direction.

Your heart will yearn for many things, and you don’t have to satisfy all of them. Those who tell you that there is a way out of this are only trying to profit off of your gullibility, because the only way out of suffering is through death.

Your heart-centric approach with turn you into a victim. Nature provided you with a head as well, make use of it.

I Said, I Don’t Want That Job!

No you don’t, but just because you don’t want it, doesn’t mean that you don’t need it. Jobs offer us a source of income, nothing more and nothing less.

Sure, it isn’t secure in the strictest sense of the word, when just two other words can put you out on the streets. You know what those two words are.

You’re fired! And that’s when you’re fucked.

Knowing that the stability of your life, family and future rests on this one waterhole that can dry up any moment isn’t exactly secure, but it is something if all you are doing is playing video games and jerking off to porn, and this something is better than nothing.

Maybe you’ll be stuck doing the same thing your entire life, and as scary as that sounds, its not. You can always find time to do the things you’ve always wanted to, even if it never has a chance of lifting off and providing you with a decent source of income.

I love to write, and as of now my blog hasn’t produced anything in revenue. I started writing with the intent of one day transforming this hobby of mine into a side hustle that will provide for me.

Even if that never happens, I’ve got something to support me, even if that something provides me with a bucketload of stress. I spend whatever opportunity I can writing, and it allows me to deal with the stress. Writing for me is a reward in itself – a drug induced high that doesn’t involve any actual drugs.

Say I spend 2-3 years writing content that will never be appreciated, what’s the difference? I doubt you’d categorize that movie you watched a couple of hours back as a waste. Actually, it is time wasted, but you feel rejuvenated after watching it because you juiced everything out of it and savoured on its nectar.

You enjoy doing certain things and you unconsciously make time for them. No one has to tell you to schedule a 4-hour movie watching marathon. In fact, you’d be thrilled if someone invited you to participate in one.

What if someone schedules you to work overtime this Saturday? You’d probably tell him, “Oh gee, you know what, I wouldn’t mind working overtime, but you see I was invited to a 4-hour mov- ahem, 4-hour session with a very important friend. Person. Client.”

A friendly personal client with a voracious appetite for Netflix and chill.

To Live is to Suffer

Suffering need not always be avoided. There are times when you ought to embrace it.

Its admirable when a man or woman sacrifices his or her dreams to provide their children with the opportunity to soar into the sky – wishing they experience life in all its beauty and splendor. By suffering the death of our ambitions, we gain in satisfaction as we watch our kids conquer the very obstacles we failed to overcome.

But if you’re young or have yet to start a family, then what is preventing you from chasing those dreams? Say you do have a family but your heart yearns for something, why not strive towards it?

It takes balls of steel to take things in the direction you want to, but its worth it.

Even when I first started off, it felt as though I had nothing of value to share with the world. I am a white belt trying to make a living by competing with black belts. I’m still writing for nobody, getting back nothing for putting out article after article that takes an average of 5-6 hours to write.

I should be upset and leave this crazy idea behind but a mental shift took place within me.

The daily act of writing itself has given me a valuable gift – a place where I can relax and take refuge in. So you see, I’ve already started earning; I’ve started to earn moments of tranquility.

I feel it is better to engage in creative activities that nurture the soul than to drown ourselves in alcohol. Let this be your escape instead, don’t run away from the pain, channel it instead. Depict your suffering as a work of art instead of letting it fester within.

Escape into yourself.

Let the free soul virus become an ally, instead of a thorn on your side. Practice caution with every endeavor you set out on, and share your experiences with the world.

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