Writing has many benefits.

You might not receive much appreciation for it, but it’s a reward in itself.

Also, there are times when people take offence at the content you’ve written. That’s where the real fun starts, and you get to interact with a wide variety of “holier than thou”s who have figured everything out, and temporarily stepped down from the heavens above, to absolve you of all your misconceptions on life.

How nice of the lords to invest their time into a mere mortal like me.

Ben Affleckted with SJW down syndrome. Pray for the poor chap will ya?

But even in their presence, I end up displeasing the Lords with my brilliant display of common sense that mysteriously seems to elude them when the topics in discussion are controversial in nature.

Take feminism or marriage as example.

The Lords condemn me for revealing their true nature. It’s like they don’t want me to be honest, despite projecting themselves as a paragon of honesty and righteousness.

It’s only later on that I saw the Lords for what they were; a bunch of narcissistic know-it-alls who wanted to throw their weight around to show their social media buddies how tough they are.

Banished from The Promised Land

It angered me at first, since they weren’t out in the pursuit of truth. They weren’t the least bit interested in improving or refining their understanding of the world around them since they already get it.

Women suffer more and Gays deserve a right to get married.

You aren’t allowed to question these gospels, and those who adhere to them are flooded with likes and retweets since they are doing the Lord’s work by spreading his message.

But these statements have been reiterated so many times that it has started to arouse suspicion, and it’s a crime to explore those suspicions, for they are the whispers of the devil who is actively trying to seduce us. Give in, and you will be banished from the garden of Eden for life.

Thats enough plagiarism for one day.

Its amazing to what extent people have been programmed to behave thanks to social media. Its no surprise, as we aren’t armed with critical faculties, since a pressure was never placed on us to construct anything of the sort.

Our duty from the start was to OBEY.

Social medias and their lackeys will brand you a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-women piece of trash if you refuse to comply.

Few actually make it out of the brainwashing, and start fighting back. Very little can be achieved by triggering people who still adhere to dogma just because it feels right. Even I tried reasoning with them, but they wouldn’t budge.

They were as stubborn as I was back in my lefty days.

And the more I studied them, the more I realized that the best course of action is to ignore them. The ones who will listen to you, are the ones who are slowly waking up.

I have a better chance of removing the blinders off of them, than the others who have fastened it like it were their only source of oxygen supply.

Why Write Controversial Content?

If you are looking for some serious growth, it will do you wonders if you start chasing after forbidden topics and uncover their secrets. People aren’t going to sit by and watch you uncover truths they’ve desperately covered up either to sustain their delusional beliefs, or to meet their political agendas.

I write, because I enjoy it. I could be dead wrong about a lot of things, but at least I have the balls to put it up on the internet and receive criticism for it.

Also, it isn’t easy to write such long posts as takes 5-8 hours to write them, and maybe a couple of days more to refine it. I pour everything into it while keeping in mind that what I’ve written could be misinformed.

I have already reached Bruce Lee level typing. Sort of.

Also, I am investing in a craft that will provide massive returns in the future and as a matter of fact, it already has.

Writing this has been enjoyable, which is why I’m okay with being seen as full of shit. That being said, its only when you draw your thoughts out on paper, that you realize just how full of crap you really are.

Whats The Point Of Being Seen That Way?

It’s a natural response, and there’s little I can do about it. I don’t deliberately write controversial content – one look at my archives will prove that fact. I write on whatever topic captures my interest, and when people take offense at my content, it amuses me.

How could you say that about women?!

After I digitally pen an article about the unsavory sides of feminism, which happens to include the every aspect of the movement.

You’re a disgrace to the human race!

Because you disagree with me? Who anointed you as Lord?

And they run around slandering people who make a genuine attempt at trying to grasp the situation, while acting like they’ve figured everything out, when it’s clear that they don’t understand it either.

Think about it for a while, why are corporations such staunch supporters of feminism? For the same reason communists want a bigger government. They make use of our gullibility to achieve their goals.

How do I know all of this? I did my homework, that’s why. I spend more time reading and retaining what I study than I do writing.

Another Thing I’d Like to Add

When you write, draw, sing, you are weaning yourself off of mediocrity. To create something takes effort, and effort can only be invested in the right place if you learn to pay attention.

They may be right about you being wrong, but you are putting in the effort to create something even if that something turns out to be garbage. But then again, why does being wrong incur such a heavy price in only certain areas?

If I argued that the sky were green till I was blue in the face, you’d simply walk away after telling me, “The sky is as blue as your face is!” to piss me off, but say something about the fatties over at the eat your heart out parade, and the whole world comes chasing after you.

You know then, that there’s something there they’re trying to hide. And its not their fat asses – that’s something even the Moon couldn’t eclipse.

Who are you to say that her diet is unhealthy?!

But I digress.

Pussification of Culture

One thing I hate about the current climate is how soft people have become. I tend to be blunt and satirical in my writing, especially when answering on Quora.  I’ve had SEVERAL of my answers deleted because some feminized harpy or soyboy decided to take offense at it.

Sure, there were some answers that had to go because I can be a troll at times, but most of them were informative and the only sin I committed was drawing conclusions without pandering to the anyone’s feelings.

 “No offense but”, “I’m sorry of this offends anyone”, “Trigger warning alert”, “I’m sorry but”

I don’t write like that.

Fuck your feelings, facts are more important.

Why are you being so mean? Feelings may not be important to you, but they are to the people who read your answers.

True, but there’s one thing you haven’t accounted for.

Its consequences.

Here’s an example of those consequences.

Fat acceptance is an actual movement, absent of the “actual movement”.

Quite the paradox, but its true.

There are people out there who so fat that they can’t get out of bed and suffer from a variety of health diseases that are clearly a result of the patriarchy and not their obsession with food.

They have banded together under the umbrella of feminism to fight against body shamming and those who enable it.

They are going to need a bigger umbrella to accommodate all those issues, and a bunker if they want to add their daddy issues to the mix.

I’ve written about it here, and I have to give you a trigger warning, because although I couldn’t care less about offending people, I do care about the mental scarring you will incur from viewing pictures of these activists.

Trying not to cause offense is dumb, because people who are looking to get offended will find a way to achieve it. It’s fueled by narcissism which isn’t something you can beat by playing fair.

You have to treat them like the little shits they really are and start shooting arrows laced with facts to rupture their safe space bubbles.

Safe spaces are for pussies.

There Are Two Ways To Approach Them

When you oppose them, you trigger the masses, and they will call you all sorts of names to pull you back in line.

They will think you are full of shit, but still pay attention to you and what you’re saying, so you can still get your message across. This is not always the case, but is so most of the time.

You can keep trolling and enjoy watching them act out, or you could ignore them and keep writing. It isn’t a crime to have the wrong opinions, nor is it a crime to express those opinions online, but it can get you banned because feelings have taken precedence in our culture.

It sucks, but that’s how it is.

Who knows, this blog might not even be here in the coming years, but that won’t stop me from writing. If the internet blacklists me, then I’ll continue writing on paper.

Nothing is going to stop me now.

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