People are afraid of the idea of hell and only invoke its power to keep their kids in line. They keep their kids in line to restrict obnoxious behavior from flowering into a Rafflesia of obnoxiousness. The only thing it would bring home is flies that do a brilliant job of turning people away from it.

The reason parents want their kids back by sunset is to keep them safe, set a routine and teach them the importance of adhering to one. So to implement it, they explain to little Timmy about the horrors of Hell and how God won’t hesitate to drop him into the burning pits of Hell for refusing to come back home before 6pm.

Timmy being the kid he is, will have many questions to ask, some of which can be hard to explain without tarnishing his innocence. If Timmy wanted to know where babies came from and gets curious about those CDs his Dad quietly stashed away in the cupboard, Mom will tell Timmy that he should never ask those kinds of questions because God is always watching and will punish Timmy for it. Also, Mom will ask where Timmy saw Dad keep his CD’s and ask him to guide her towards it.

If Timmy refuses to comply, then Mom will again invoke death by Hellfire to which Timmy responds by caving in and leading her to Dad’s secret base and plunder his “resources”. Timmy gets rewarded for his obedience by getting to watch a real live action movie as Mom flings those CD’s like shurikens at Dads head while screaming profanities at him.

You can run, but you cant hide from my profanity laced ninjutsu!

So why was Timmy introduced to the concept of eternal damnation? Was it because his mother was a sadist who loves mentally torturing little boys or was it to get him to behave in a certain way? A little of both.

Children have no control over their impulses and are ignorant of the consequences that come with releasing them without restrain. Merely telling a child that he ought not to put his fingers into the electrical socket because it will send an electric shock into him won’t suffice. It will only impact his curiosity, viewing it as some sort of superpower he could wield like Peter Parker did when the spider bit him, turning him into Iron Man. Or was it Thor?

He will fantasize about becoming Thunderkid, fighting crime and bringing world peace to fruition by using his hammer of justice to plough through the government which is rife with corruption; zapping the baddies to a crisp. Maybe he’ll grow his hair long, colour it blonde, call himself an Asgardian and start searching for those golden apples to keep himself alive.

Where are all the corrupt bureaucrats at? Don’t tell me they’ve escaped with my golden apples!

Little does he know that electric shock isn’t a gateway to heroism, but a one-way ticket to the afterlife his mother kept scaring him with. Telling him “Its dangerous Timmy!” won’t cut it. Timmy isn’t old enough to know what “dangerous” means, only that its one of those big words he has to study for his spelling test tomorrow.

So we lie to the little tyke; we tell him the socket doesn’t like being touched, and it will bite if fidgeted with. We phrase it in a way that the child can understand. We do it out of good intentions, hoping our white lies will ward off the danger and keep our little Thunderkid wannabe safe.

But its a problem when this idea of keeping good intentions gathers enough momentum to reach a moral high ground, where it practically becomes one of the Ten commandments.

Make that the “Eleventh Commandment.” But before that, I need to find myself another stone.

We hope that by selling Timmy on the idea of Santa Claus, he remains a good kid and stays away from trouble. But can the same tactic be used to solve major issues such as terrorism and corruption?

Why do terrorists even do what they do? Why are people in positions of power more likely to be corrupt? What will Timmy do once he finds out that there was no Santa Claus? Will he, out of anger and sadness, grow up to become a corrupt bureaucrat who plants revolutionary bombs because his parents lied to him about Santa?

Terrorists dont plant bombs and blow themselves up because they’re crazy sadists-well they are crazy sadists, but they do it because they have an idea of what peace is, and are willing to use whatever means necessary to actualize it. Wars fought on religious grounds base their convictions on the version of peace espoused by their holy texts.

This is why we say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Nothing good ever comes out of merely keeping good intentions for two good reasons, first because it often remains as a thought that floats in and out of our psyche and second although it is a thought, it is a powerful one and can be used to manipulate you.

We send kids to school because we believe we’re doing to right thing by putting Timmy through an institution that drains him of his creativity and turns him into a weak simp. Of course, Its not like we knew Timmy would turn into a weak simp because that’s not how we view schooling. We see school as a place where children get their education from, enabling them to make important financial and career related decisions all on their own.

But what comes out at the end is a child drained of his potential, who can’t even put two and two together and decides to major in liberal art not because he’s deeply passionate about it, but because it is easy. Many opt for engineering, but its because everyone’s doing it, and since my friends are going there, I want in as well!



Good Intentions are Vague.

They aren’t concrete decisions that give you directions. “All I want for you is to be happy.”


Can’t seem to answer that one, now can it? Is there anything that can instantly make you happy and complete? Okay, anything other than drugs and porn?

With intentions, you only specify the end result you’re hoping to achieve. There’s no mention of the steps or route to be taken to reach the stage of fulfillment. Its when you leave yourself vulnerable like that, you increase your chances of getting scammed. People and organisations will market their “solutions” or “steps” to achieve financial, personal or fitness success, and since all you know about what you want is the end result, you bite onto whatever is being offered to you.

Complete this course “Lessons on Getting Rich by Richie Rich” and you’ll be a millionaire by midnight! One of our students made it big after taking our course last year and now he’s sinking in debt! Hurry, only 10 more seats remaining!

Enroll at our entrance coaching and we will rocket your child into a prestigious institute!

Just last year, 40 of our very own students were accepted into AIIMS! 10 of them committed suicide but hey, they made it into one of India’s most prestigious collages, didn’t they! Hurry, only 5 more seats remaining!

You get suckered into wasting your time and money pursuing worthless courses and degrees because some marketer told you it was worth its trouble and the payback is exponential.

You got suckered so bad even the sucker fish up there is screaming at you to STOP.

Keeping good intentions in the hopes they will flower into something worthwhile is delusional. You have to tend to it diligently to ensure they sprout. You can’t plant the seeds and hope mother nature will take care of the rest, because she will, but not in the way you intended for it to happen.

You have to keep updating your intentions, whatever they may be, trimming the edges that branch away from the shape you intend to bring your future into.

Intention – Become rich

Action 1 – Get a Job

Action 2 – Strive for a promotion

Action 3 – Get a job that pays higher wages

Action 4 – Use the knowledge and experience gained from your work to start your own business

Action 5 – Learn from your mistakes and figure out ways to improve your finances

Action 6 – Watch your business grow and branch out

Action 7 – Buy yourself a private jet and go on trips around the world

Its looks simple on paper, but to put them in action takes guts, because you will have to be willing to take some serious risks that could potentially jeopardize your current life.

Maybe you want to start your own business, but you’re too scared to do it and your colleagues say its too risky and could land you in some hot water. You trim their advices short and take the leap. The goal of your attempts is not to win, but to learn how to win. You learn by failing to do so.

To become rich, the first advice we get is to go and find a job, any job. Then they tell us we should work diligently at it until we’re eligible for a promotion. We keep working hard and hope those promotions and bonuses keep rolling in, and by the time you’re in your sixties, you’ll be stinkin’ rich! Only by that time you’ll be burdened with responsibilities and old age and won’t find the time or energy to actualize any of the dreams you’ve had when you were younger. This is the quicksand you’re swimming in, hoping it keeps you afloat, when all it does is drag you down.

So you trim that idea short and branch away to another field or job that offers a higher pay. You learn as much as you can from that field and again trim that part short and branch off along another tangent, this time starting your own business. Now you know its up to you whether to stay at a certain level of business that draws in enough cash to keep you afloat, or to take it to the next level. You close off paths that take you nowhere, while paving paths that scale you to new heights.

Thinking to yourself that it will all work out in the end as long as you stick with whatever you have right now, will end in disappointment. You expect change to simply happen, without you making any effort to change anything about you.

Good things happen to those who wait.

Absolutely false.

Good things happen to those who decide to change, and wait for that change to take effect.

You stick to change, and get comfortable with staying out of your comfort zone. You continuously refine that intention with the experience you gain as you put those intentions into action, and chart out a map of success.

That’s how you become successful; by making your own decisions and seeing it through.


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