Government colleges in India suck, and this article is going to show you why I believe so.

That being said, I’d also like to add that I didn’t study at a government college, so I know you won’t be inclined to believe whatever I say here, and that’s ok. Everything written here is based on my observations and from conversing with friends who did study at government institutes.

But before I start my rant, here’s a little info on my educational background. This will be a little long, so you can skip past it if you want to get right into the juicy bits.

I Wasn’t So Smart

When it came to academics, I was below average.

I never paid attention in class; a fact that was fairly evident if you took a look at the marks I brought back home. I never failed in any exams, but I was pretty close.

I never cared about coming on top, although my mother did, who never hesitated to comfort me every time I came back home with C-level grades, by flinging chappals into my vicinity.

The subjects I had to learn failed to ignite any interest, and I hated every second of class which is why my only goal at the time was to stay afloat and not get swept under a wave of chappals that my mother would unleash onto me if I didn’t bring back good grades.

Fastforward to 10th grade, I slowly started developing interest in literature, which is funny because I used to hate it. My English teachers always made sure to point out how bad my grammar was during class, in front of everyone, just to remind everyone how pathetic my grammar was, like as if that was going to motivate me to get any better at it.

Me no like English teacher’s. I are against their.

Things Slowly Turned Around

This interest of mine stemmed from reading blogs online.

It was only then that I realized much could be expressed through language, and that it didn’t always involve a strict adherence to syntax, like my teachers always liked to remind me of, in front of the entire class.

I’ve read some really funny material online, and came across some really deep philosophical concepts that changed the way I saw things, and it was all skillfully crafted with words.

Words are but tools to express the knowledge we have accumulated so far, but to use them effectively, you have to familiarize yourself with them first.

After literature took root, I slowly started to yearn for more, and took interest in subjects I never thought I would, like mathematics. I realized that mathematics was a study of patterns, not a method used to mentally torture people with.

I’m still doubtful though.

But thanks to my lack of persistence, I didn’t develop the habits or skills necessary to crack the IIT exams. Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) is Indian’s most prestigious university for engineering – for those of you who don’t know. I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information I had to consume, and my confidence dipped with every day I spent trying to wrap my head around arcane concepts in math and science that I didn’t have the foundation ready to build upon.

I finally settled for a private college and enrolled in engineering, purely out of frustration. I was at a stage where I didn’t even want to study engineering – I was interested in the mind, and desired to pursue a career in psychology, but after a few chappals were flung into orbit, I decided to go with engineering.

My mother wanted to have an engineer for a son, or no son.

Private! Watch Your Tongue!

If you skipped the above passage, here is the conclusion,

I studied at a private college because I wasn’t disciplined enough to absorb copious amounts of information that would drive me insane allow me to ace the entrance exams and grant me entry into top engineering colleges.

I wasn’t smart enough, because I wasn’t disciplined enough, but that doesn’t make me resentful. It does however, make me acutely aware of the importance of discipline and maintaining routines. I know why I wasn’t able to make it, and how things would have been different, had I invested earlier. Armed with this knowledge, I now know how to handle similar opportunities, once I encounter them.

But that doesn’t change the fact that government colleges in India suck.

You can’t say that! You Didn’t Study at a Government College!

Welcome to blogging 101, where some of the things being said depends on the writer’s subjective experience.

I may have not studied at one, but I have friends who have, and I’ve spoken to them about their experiences there. Yes, it is anecdotal, so you don’t have to believe most of what I say.

If it bothers you that much, then you can stop reading from hereon. You can pick another article too read from the archives.

The Most Fascinating Aspect of Government Colleges

Like I mentioned earlier, you have to be really smart to get into top institutes, so you’d think that the campus would be infested with nerds, and they are but they don’t behave like nerds.

These nerds rag their juniors so violently that it baffles me, since nerds are generally seen as harmless herbivores busy digging into books and preparing for their next surprise test. It seems even harmless herbivores can evolve into predators when the situation favors them.

Natural selection anyone?

Back To The Topic At Hand

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to get into government colleges. You need good grades to get admitted into one, which is a struggle you have to engage in, starting from a really young age.

There are certain aspects of Indian government colleges that I find deeply disturbing, and I am going to express them here.

Let’s start off with the biggest piece of the cake,

Ragging Your Juniors is Rite of Passage

I have lost count of the number of articles and Quora answers I’ve read on this topic, and I have yet to come across a single answer that can justify this “tradition”. Some answers I read tried to defend it by saying a little bit of ragging actually helps build bonds between them and their juniors.

Believe it or not, this actually works.

It’s called Stockholm’s syndrome, and it’s categorized as a mental illness.

Jokes aside, I have seen this in action, the juniors do build bonds afterwards with their abusers and they get along fine, but I never understood why.

Ragging can range from forcing your juniors to sing in front of an audience, to beating them to a bloody pulp. They will either end up in stitches or in the mortuary, with government college students really pushing for option two to happen like as if there was some hidden prize for those who rag their juniors to the afterlife.

Maybe ragging women makes them strong and independent.

But the ragging endured by private college students can’t hold a frickin candle to the ragging endured by government college students.

A friend of mine who attended a government college, had a classmate there who beat up one of his juniors at the hostel so badly that he lost sight in one of his eyes. The police got involved, and now he’s behind bars.

Not all incidents of ragging are as extreme as the one mentioned above, but it can easily get out of hand because its kids picking on kids, not adults disciplining kids.

That’s How Adults Bond With Each Other, Stop Being Such a Pussy.

Do you send your kids to college so that they could join the mafia after graduation?

Adults don’t bond like that. There is always a power struggle in the adult world, but the ones we wish our children will endure are the psychological and mental ones that will make them smarter, cunning and machiavellian, not actual violent confrontations.

If that previous paragraph didn’t resonate with you, then consider this question, do you wish to see your children struggle it out in a corporate environment, or do you wish to see them struggle it out on the street?

Office is full of politics, and so are the streets, but only one of them will get you killed. Once you end up on the streets, you belong to the streets. There is no coming back from that, since no corporation is going to hire a crackhead gangster who might have killed someone in the past or is about to.

Encouraging this behavior is akin to encouraging your kids to give into their impulses, normalize degeneracy and start turf wars as a way to boost and solidify their sense of self and autonomy.

Yeaaah! Show them what you are made of, by behaving like a violent out of control thug!

And stop romanticizing it.

20 year olds may be adults according to the law, but they don’t know shit about life and its struggles, as they are only about to enter that phase of life.

Saying 20 something year olds abusing kids younger than them is their way of showing love and guidance, is delusional to say the least and psychopathic, to say the most.

Here are few instances that will show you just how much love can be imparted between young adults, when you erroneously assume they are capable enough to handle their own impulses.

Pushing Boundaries Till They Are No More

Most of them recited stories of how they miss their college days, but a key element I noticed was they enjoyed being in an environment where they were in control; i.e., engaging in degenerate behaviours such as taking drugs, getting into pointless ego inflating fights, chasing skirts, you name it.

While authorities were present, they were “present” to show they were present.

Friends of mine who studied in government colleges said their hostel wardens were afraid of them. They’d carry bottles of alcohol into hostel, not sneak them in. Every room had their own little stash of marijuana, and the warden didn’t say shit.

While I am still doubtful about their claims, what I do know for a fact is, government college authorities have delegated too much power to the predators prowling about their campuses, which is why they can get away with a lot.

Comrades in Red, Leave You Soaking Red

Whenever issues pop up at colleges, things almost always escalate into violent confrontations.


Two reasons.

First, you are still dealing with hormone fueled teens who are just entering adulthood, and who are out to make a name for themselves. It could range anywhere from inflating their ego, to impressing their oneitis in the hopes that they fall for them, after seeing how strong and brave they are, as they become soldiers willing to take the fall for someone else’s fight.

No matter how you look at it, it has everything to do with giving into your impulses because doing so makes you stand out, which for some odd reason is assumed to be the highest ideal you can aspire to.

Be different, be the change, fight someone else’s battle, take the fall, and encourage others to become a tool like you did for those few seconds of fame.

Politics Infused with University

Second which is not so obvious, but something that most are dimly aware of, which is politics.

Politicians aren’t dumb, they know we are emotional beings and are hence easily lured into doing their biddings. This is why they still exist. We are emotional creatures, and as long as we remain trapped in this ditch of emotional mud and dirt, we are leaving ourselves open to predators like them.

No one likes politicians, but when everyone is emotionally high which is usually after some unforeseen tragedy takes place, they flock to and swear loyalty to the very people they despised few moments ago.

Politicians have a vested interest in this, as they rely on colleges to recruit more comrades to their cause, which is why they regularly send out troops to get involved in conflicts that could have been easily avoided if they had the self-control and decency to sit down and talk things through.

Student’s Federation of Ineptitude and Violent Tantrums.

Think this is wishful thinking? That this is something that never plays out in reality?

How do you think the people who lead our countries respond to disputes?

By bomb every country that doesn’t respect or uphold their end of the bargain?

Or do they carefully analyse and assess the stakes involved and have conversations with other world leaders regardless of how they feel about them?

The land of the free is an exception to this. They bomb countries out of wealthy dictatorship, and land them into poverty-stricken democracies(see Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam).

Where are the stakes higher? In colleges and universities where semi-adults hurl insults at each other and get into petty drunk fights over trivial matters, or when dealing with World Leaders who can decimate half the population with the push of a button?

And these are the kids who are going to one day lead our country?

Fuck me.

The Force Is NOT With You My Child

Students there like to imagine they have power, when they are deeply mistaken. It’s not them calling the shots, it’s their comrades drenched in red who are. Your comrades on campus are supporting you in an attempt to lure you to their cause.

Think about it, why else would they come out in support for your campus related issues, no matter how insignificant it may be?

You think they don’t have more pressing matters to attend to?

Politicians are elected to solve the issues they run on. They rarely find time to solve the very issues they have ran on, however, they always find time for your petty college conflicts.

If you still don’t get this, please unfollow this blog.

If you STILL don’t get it, I am shocked you were even able to find this blog.

Private Or Government, They Both Share The Same Flaw

This is not to say that students who hail from private colleges are better than government college graduates, but that they didn’t have as much exposure to the degeneracy that is rampant on government campuses.

Students there are encouraged to become degenerates. This happens in all colleges, but because of the size and lack of proper authority in government campuses, more degenerates are churned out, which also happens to be an indoctrination camp for leftists.

Why Call Them Degenerates?

It has been made fairly evident that schools and colleges aren’t temples of education, but corrupt brainwashing centers of excellence. The teachers might not be doing the brainwashing, but by allowing political predators onto their campus, they are complicit.

Think about it,

What character does a teenager or a young adult have?

Other than pouting like this?

Men are no longer taught to be men. They either end up as soyboys or violent drug addicted degenerates. Women are slowly being indoctrinated to join the workforce and to shed as much clothes as possible because a women can only be free if she is naked with a degree.

At that age, he or she is still moldable, and to suggest otherwise is foolish. We live in a society that enforces standards of decency, and teenager’s first instinct is to go against them. Now, even society has slowly let its standards erode away, so the transition to degeneracy has accelerated and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

So what better way to explore the universe of degeneracy, than on college campuses where the standards have been compromised by political lobbying?

Bottomline is, it doesn’t matter whether it’s private or government, because they are peas in the same pod. Both teach nothing, and churn out clueless labourers, much like yours truly.

After college, we first make a career out of worrying about our future, before working on the career that will guarantee success in the future. So it’s over two decades of wasted time and effort, just to end up as a wage slave.


Just to balance things out, I’ll mention few reasons why private colleges aren’t very different. (Spoiler alert: They aren’t)

Private Indian Colleges Suck As Well, But In a Different Way

Unlike government institutes, private colleges are heavily restricting. You are expected to attend all classes, whether you like it or not, and if you decide to skip a few classes, they will phone your parents.

Yes. You read that correctly.

They will call your parents and tell them how their grownass semi-adult is not acting in accordance with them. They will monitor you like you were some out of control mental patient who hasn’t taken his meds.

They sometimes expect you to submit your notebooks for correction.

They expect you to show up to class on Saturdays and even Sundays if they haven’t been able to finish the syllabus.

I have been in atleast two of these situations, and I have yet to recover from the trauma it caused.

In a way, it’s worse than school.

What is that? What if you decide to not show up on weekends to college you ask?

They will call your parents and tell them how their grownass semi-adult is deliberately skipping classes which is why they were forced to conduct special classes even on weekends. They will pin everything onto you even if you had nothing to do with it, sometimes going as far as to recite the grades you received in the most recent tests they or the university has conducted, because colleges in Kerala are run by bitches.

They can only guilt you into showing up at college. Why do you think most Indian men act like bitches?

This is fucking why.

But thanks to this Surveillence state-ish architecture of private colleges, most boys and girls don’t end up as degenerates.

That is the only benefit I can tout in defence of private colleges.

But then again, I believe it’s suffice to say colleges in general suck in India.

Western colleges are degenerate cesspools as well, so I don’t really see the point in sending your kids abroad.

So I guess we are screwed.

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