I chose to make my title a little ominous, just to get you into the mood. Hate is a theme that is quietly welcomed into every house, so lets stop pretending like we don’t have them as guest in our very own house.

Now that I’ve got your hate juices churning, lets get into it!

Hatred is a Vice

Hard, bleak and grips tightly, just like the real one.

I make no qualms about that.

Keeping hate is like storing acid in the palms
of your hand. It could be useful one day, but it will corrode whatever it is
placed in before you get a chance to splash it onto your enemy. Actually, its
even worse than that.

Hate is an acid that generates more acid. Don’t ask me how, I’m no chemist, just an engineer who knows how it works.

Only that you ought to stay away from it

Hatred is No Acquaintance of Mine.

I’ve lived with it, and dived deep into its ocean, to cover myself with its warmth, as it provided me with a feeling of belonging and protection, when in fact it was the very thing that was responsible for my misery.

When you hate, you won’t need a justifiable reason to hold onto the grudges you have. Hate becomes your sense of conviction, and it will justify every wrong turn you take, while convincing you that you are in the right.

Hate will burn, like acid, and corrode you from the inside out.

That burning sensation gives us a strong drive but it speeds us into oblivion, where it will burst into flames, leaving us burnt and scathed.

When a person realizes the true nature of hate, its too late, because up until then, it is what has sustained him so far, and it is not within his capacity to let go of such a powerful drug. He will instead, dive right back, hoping it will tell him a different story. He gives hatred another chance, than to reason his way out of it.

In a nutshell, Hatred Brings Out the Worst in Us.

And turns us into this.

So you might be wondering why I decided to title this article the way I did. If hatred is a poison, then why keep it?

Because we don’t make the decision to hate.

Circumstances or people infected with the disease of hate, lend it to us. We unconsciously pick up on them, from watching how everyone else reacts to unfavorable conditions.

Either that, or we learn to hate when constantly put in a position of weakness, and stepped all over. Its sort of like a copping mechanism, to prevent you from going nuts. It gives you a reason to go on, despite the suffering.

Actually, by then, the suffering is what sustains you. Your misery is what keeps you awake.

Fortune may or may not shower you with what you truly desire, and most of the time, it puts you in deeply unfavorable circumstances. Those instances will feel like an eternity, and you will resent yourself or those above you for putting you into such a rut.

Which is why most, if not all of us, will fall victim to this cancerous disease, and I believe that instead of suffering through it, it would be better if we could somehow make use of it and maybe retard its worst effects.

Let me repeat that again, we make no conscious choice to hate. It stems from a feeling of powerlessness, which itself stems from insecurity.

And if you’ve done enough introspection, you’ve probably realized that insecurity is not something we cannot absolve ourselves off. It’s a part of us, and the only ones without it are psychopaths.

In Moderate Doses, it is Necessary.

Anything in excess is bad. Too much water will drown you, no matter how many times Aquafina purifies it by reverse osmosis, ultraviolet and ozone sterilization.

And Hatred is an extension of insecurity; an amplifier of a sort.

You hate the rich because of the lifestyle they can afford. You hate them for spending so much on luxurious cars and homes, thinking they could have put a portion of it into charity.

You are insecure about the money you have, which translates into the purchasing power you have, and are looking for reasons to support your insecurity.

You are insecure with the money you have, because you are afraid of losing it and astonished to see them spend 100,000$+ on what may seem to you as frivolous crap.

Most never make it to the million-dollar mark, and when you see Kim Kardashian spend that one million every month on her new dresses, designer bags, makeups, body enhancements, trips, expensive dine outs, it makes your skin crawl.

It scares you to see people squander away what looks like a very lofty retirement sum to you, on useless goodies, and it irritates you to know that there are people out there earning enough to sustain such a lifestyle, and you hate the fact that this will never become your reality, even if you saved as much as you could.

Most might come close to a million or two if they play their hand well, but it will still take 30-40 years to achieve their one million dollar mark, and by the time you are in your 60s, will that million dollar lying in your bank account be worth as much as a million dollar when you were 40 years younger?

Either way, you’re screwed. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class remain in stasis even if the number of zeros on their balance goes up.

So your hate for the rich is justified, because no matter how you look at it, they will always be the ruling class.

And who convinces you of this? A detailed and systematic understanding of how the rich become rich, or the way you think they became rich? “I’m sure he is into black money duuuh.”

Maybe black money played a role, but does black money alone contribute to their success? What about bloggers like Neil Patel, you think he black-moneyed his way to the top? What about Arnab Goswami, you think he shouted his way to the top? Uhhh…

I will teach you how to be successful! – Arnab Goswami
Disclaimer: Only works in India.

It is possible to become rich, by investing in your mind. Its easy to type that down onto a digital spreadsheet, but difficult to put into practice. I don’t have a million dollars stashed away in my bank account (at least not yet), but I am making an effort to be financially independent instead of hating those who are.

Yes, blogging is a foolish way to realize this dream of mine, if you look at the statistics and current trends, but it doesn’t bother me. I’d rather try than to hate.

But how did I reach here?

I started this because I also used to hate the rich, because they were very filthy.


My hate was justification enough. I was bad at academia, and at the time thought only the smart kids got to become rich. This is of course unfounded, but it was a persistent thought reinforced by my hatred for the rich. And those smartass classmates of mine.

Its after reading articles and books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that I was offered a glimpse into their world. Inheritance is one thing, but even if it was inherited, to maintain that reservoir of wealth requires discipline and an understanding of what produces and sustains it.

So I looked at my convictions and questioned them. That’s when my hatred vanished, leaving my insecurities out in the open. I struck into its dome, as painful as it was to do so, and searched for its mitochondria; the powerhouse that drove it.

And I saw my fear hiding there in the corner, occasionally spurting acid into my eyes, to stop me from ogling at its nakedness.

Its tough work, coming to terms with what you hate. Hate is there to tell you something is deeply wrong. Insecurity stems from ego, and the ego wants to keep you safe. If the fear powering the insecurity is a roaring two-stroke marine engine, it will propel the insecurity to new heights. Its like having an autoimmune response, where the mechanism designed to protect you from external danger, starts attacking the very thing it was supposed to protect.

That autoimmune response is hate.

Its our subconscious attempting to pass on an urgent message to our conscious mind. That’s all the woo-woo I’ll be subjecting you to for now.

You Will Be Bombarded With Realizations


And those realizations will make you sad.

And what I discovered was that I didn’t need a million dollars to live the life I wanted. I didn’t have to turn myself into a Kardashian and spend profusely. All I needed was a place to stay, decent food to eat, and the freedom to pursue what my heart desired, as opposed to injecting silicon into my butt, strutting about in skimpy outfits and marrying a black rapper.

And I could attain all that by providing other with value from pursuing what my heart desired.

If by reading my content, people get to realize things about themselves that will positively impact them, they will spread the message and increase traffic into my blog (I’m counting on you buddy).

If I build a community large enough, I can finally start advertising products I believe will positively impact my fellow members.

Whatever the business is, you first start by building trust with your potential clients, then onto bigger things.

But if I lose sight of what I started with, the people I attracted will rightly abandon me for doing so. They were looking for something specific, and if I start selling calculators as a wonderous tool of self-growth, telling them,

“With this mysterious device fueled by Harry Potter magic, you can easily add, subtract, multiply, divide, differentiate, integrate, exponentiate, logarithminate (is that a word?) numbers! Also, you can cast a Confundus charm to confuse people into writing all their assets in your name!

This spell can backfire if you use it too much. We all know how confusing numbers can be, its a risky gamble.

Then they would hate me for it, to which I will react by telling them that they ought to check their insecurities first, before blaming me for wanting to advertise my Casio Nimbus Calculator 2000.

It’s a free market and I have a right to sell what I want!

Use Hate to Your Advantage.

Don’t give into it, instead study it and pinpoint your source of misery.

Because in the end, that which you hate, is that which you fear, and that which you fear is that which will set you free.

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