The comments highlighted aren’t taken from any source. They are comments feminists resort to when they realize the jig is up, or when they are so goddamn myopic and drenched in the narrative, that they believe their honest attempts at trying to free women are coming under attack.

When feminists get cornered for taking things a little too far, like making false rape accusations in which the accused male takes his life, or confronted with other feminists who routinely make death threats to all men and gets publicly called out for it, they defer to the golden tactic we are all too familiar with.

And for those of you who think, “False rape accusations are rare and never used for personal gains!” you need to reading this.

If you still think it’s not that widespread, then you’ve been blinded by the narrative and trained yourself to view women as these precious little angels who couldn’t possibly resort to anything of the sort.

Women can be just as vindictive, if not more, as men. Don’t forget, we are human beings, and history has a lot to say about us.

But that’s enough about that, lets dive into the topic of the permanently misunderstood feminists.

It’s shocking how little people know about real feminism.

That’s right, we were all born yesterday, and no one knows what it’s about. How could false rape accusations and widespread misandry stem from a movement that claims to support women, when it has shown to support women at the cost of men?

If a feminist publicly announces “kill all men” she is definitely being serious, until the public condemns her for it, after which she will state it was just a joke, and us taking it seriously shows how immature men are for not being able to take a joke.

But I agree, most people know very little about feminism, because if they did, they’d shame it out of existence.

If you had a couple of functioning brain cells, then you’d know what feminism stood for and support it.

Once more, I completely agree. You have to be so braindead that only a handful of brain cells are functioning to support a braindead movement like feminism.

And that’s what they want, braindead supporters who reason with their emotions.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t operate like that. We prefer using rational means of stringing facts together, as opposed to using our emotions as a gauge for what “feels” true.

But feminists hate that.

All that logic and rational thought has gotten into your head, and now your brain has started functioning like it should.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

The more braincells you abort, the closer you get to becoming a “real” feminist.

The feminists who slandered [Enter name of deceased male] and which eventually led to his death are not real feminists.

Look at how courageous you are! Calling out those nasty wannabe feminists for not behaving like real feminists, when they actually were!

Where did all those real feminist wander off to?

Probably busy at work, undermining the relationship between the two sexes by introducing more sexes into the world.

And yes, they aren’t real feminist. They are feminists.


There is the real world, and the world. One represents an ideal state, while the other is the real deal. There is no real world; only the world exists.

 A “real feminist” is supposed to behave in a way that adheres to the rules that govern their movement, while the “feminist” does what she feels is right, like accusing the entire male sex for being defective goods since conception.

And as you’ve guessed, very few women fit the profile of a real feminist, and these people don’t call themselves feminists. They call themselves human rights activists.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali battles against actual oppression, is the recipient of numerous awards, but for some odd reason, can’t seem to hate all men.

Ya, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Can we please focus on the issue? The man hasn’t been proven innocent, so there is still a chance that he did commit the crime.

Guilty until proven innocent.

Fucking brilliant logic.

Is this how our courts operate? Do they assume you are guilty as soon as you step into court, or is that privilege restricted to those born with the wrong gender?

While on the flipside, a woman is innocent until proven innocent. If she is taken to trial once more and the court miraculously convicts her of a crime she clearly has committed, it’s because of the misogyny prevalent in society.

And you wonder why people hate your guts.

If you think this is okay, then you are a part of the problem.

And let’s not forget, this man took his life because someone said something mean to him. They could learn a thing of two about self-resilience from the women they make rape jokes about.

Stop making fun of someone who died, you sorry excuse for a human being. The man didn’t just receive mean comments, he also received death threats and had to endure isolation. His friends, colleagues, the society he lives in and the people that he works with have branded him as a rapist.

The man had no support.

What do you think that does to a person? When even your own friends start to distance themselves from you because some attention seeking whore decided to accuse him of raping her?

Another thing, if this man felt bad enough to take his life, what are the chances that he actually committed the crime? You think someone capable of defiling women in the most degrading way possible, would take his life over some mean comments and death threats?

Yeah! Who gives a damn about evidence!

If he is capable of committing such a heinous crime, he is more than capable of handling few pieces of digital texts that flash across his screen.

She did not do it for the attention! She was drawing attention to the many rapes that go unreported! Stop shaming her!

By lying about getting raped? You know how many women are out there ACTUALLY getting raped? Like you said, many of them go unreported so one knows, and you are reducing the chances of us knowing that when you defend liars like her.

Women who get raped will be hesitant to come forward, because men will stop taking these accusations seriously thanks to your consistent efforts at undermining this serious issue, and that has already started to happen.

She was drawing attention alright, but to herself.

And you’re defending her right to lie.

Look at the number of likes and retweets. People don’t care about the truth.
If you are old enough to get blackout drunk, then you are old enough to understand the repercussions of getting blackout drunk, and that it entails losing more than just “5$”.

And you wonder why your movement receives the sort of hate that it does.

And if nothing else works,

My feminism is different.

Funny you never hear people say that about their religion of faith.

“My Islam is different from the one described in the Quran, Hadith and Sira”.

“My version of Hinduism encourages its followers to eat everything, including beef.”

“The Jesus I believe in loves gays, and transsexuals.”

Stop judging, we all have our differences!

And yes folks, feminism is a religion of faith. The adherents will not tolerate criticism and lash out at anyone who dares question their authority with death threats and the occasional rape accusations as an additional bonus for those who put on a brilliant display of their bullshit detecting abilities.

So just for the sake of argument, let’s play along. Your feminism is different, and so is that feminism of that girl who played Emma Watson at the HeforShe campaign in 2014 for the UN.

I think her name was Hermione Granger.

What did Hermione teach us that day? That if a privileged girl who attends the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry can become a feminist, then so can men.

But some feminists have said men can’t become feminists, because we are the problem.

You see what the problem here is? Conflicts arise.

Your feminism isn’t feminism.

Feminism is feminism; one that is dictated by the popular vote, which sadly happens to entail the “Kill All Men” and “The Future Is Female” sentiment.

Sorry Hermione, your magic wand can’t dispel this curse, and neither can your role as Emma Watson at the HeforShe Campaign.

Go back to Hogwarts.

Maybe you need to check your privilege, Hermione.

Feminism fights for women’s rights, and only a misogynist would say otherwise.

And only a misandrist would actively take pride in watching innocent men get accused of heinous crimes.

Enough with the labeling. People have already caught onto the game you are playing.

I’ve debunked your “Muh Feminism Stands For” a while ago.

Then there are women out there who care so deeply, that they’ve labelled all men a certain way.

And that’s okay?

It offends me that women these days consider taking up a career in the military services, and I’ve labelled them as nutjobs on a suicide mission. This is just an opinion of mine, and I know many will disagree. I may write about it, but that is not the same as preaching about it.

There are military platoons such as those in Israel that have achieved massive success with their women’s only platoon. I still don’t think it’s a place for women, and you are free to disagree.

But is it okay for me to label these women as nutjobs? Even if the logic I present makes perfect sense? No its not, which is why I call it an opinion, instead of treating it as a revelation from God Almighty himself.

I don’t believe women are designed for war, which is why there are zero instances of women being brought forth into the battlefield, as history has shown so far.

But accuse a man of committing a crime he didn’t commit, and rally everyone to defame him to the point where he considers taking his own life?

That is halal.

And these women sometimes make mistakes ok, we are human beings, we all make mistakes.

Filing a false rape accusation is one BIG bloody mistake. You don’t slip and fall and accidentally sign off on legal documents for rape accusations, and accidentally make a public status about it on social media while you are still in freefall. These were deliberate actions made with the intent of causing serious harm by a very vindictive creature.

It’s just as absurd as making this argument,

“The man accused of raping Natasha just made a mistake. He tripped over the sofa, and accidentally ripped her clothes off in the process. He tried to get up, but another part of him got up before he could, and accidentally leveraged the situation to its advantage by penetrating the woman he accidentally tripped over.

He also committed a series of mistakes, all in the process of trying to get up, but ended up oscillating back and forth in a motion that people having sex usually engage in. Two minds were at work – his rational mind trying to get him out of the embarrassing situation, and his small mind which was actively trying to get him back in.

If anyone should be held accountable, it is the sofa. It got in the way and forced the man into making those repeated unauthorized entries.”

Women will laugh at this, but take offense when the person making the joke is male.

And do consider this for a moment, what if she was actually raped?

If that were the case, then I seriously doubt her first instinct would be to get on social media and post statuses about it.

“Screw the police, I’ll rally the social media mob onto him.”

Women who resort to such acts are evil narcissists who clearly didn’t get raped, and that you help enable.

News flash feminists, you’re the bad guys.

In Summary

Feminists will say those violent feminists are not real feminists since they are acting against their best interests, while also defending their actions. They aren’t real feminists, but what they did isn’t entirely wrong!

If a man is accused and loses his reputation, his job, his family, his possessions, and decides to take his life, this is how feminists structure their counterarguments, instead of admitting the were wrong to rally the mob only them.

First they will redefine feminism, by shaming others for not understanding what it stands for when its so gosh darn obvious what it stands for.

Then they will insult the victim by saying he wasn’t “man enough” to handle criticism

And finally they will proceed to defend the bitch who falsely accused him of raping her.

Hypocrisy at its finest.

If you struggle to see that, then have no fear.

I hold the torch that illuminates their thought processes, but there is only so much I can do. There is an entire citadel that requires illumination, so it’s my hope that you carry this flame of knowledge and enlighten the others with it, because if you don’t, then it could one day be you, your father, husband, brothers or sons on that alter as a sacrifice for their inane claims of sexual harassment and misogyny.

Act fast, and expose them for what they are.

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