For those of you who don’t know who Sunny Leone is, stop pretending like you don’t know who Sunny Leone is.

She kinda still is was a pornstar who managed to segue into mainstream media, after making an appearance at an Indian reality TV series called Big Boss, and drew the attention of Mahesh Bhatt, who is a famous Bollywood film maker, as well as famous for things other than directing films.

Kissing his own flesh and blood on the lips happens to be one of them.

But sadly, people being the misogynistic scumbags they are, much like yours truly, can’t seem to view her the way she wants us to. It’s our fault, that she is can’t seem to forget about her past.

Not the hundreds of videos of her extracurricular activities online, oh no no no.

It’s our fault.

People Make Mistakes, And Thats Ok.

Most outlets portray Sunny as a victim who made mistakes that we ought to overlook since she is after all, a human being deserving of love and support, because who cares about consequences, right? You should be ashamed for judging her.

But there are two problems with this type of reasoning.

First, people advocating for her unwarranted redemption are deliberately ignoring the magnitude of the mistake she made. Mistakes like these don’t just fall out of the sky and land onto people’s lap by chance – they have committed them of their own accord; completely aware of the consequences.

Joining the porn industry isn’t a joke, nor can it be categorized as a mistake. You can’t say you were naïve either, since it is a well understood fact as to what goes on in adult industries.

I’m even willing to bet that men and women who decide to do porn are fully aware of what they are getting themselves into, which includes the consequences as well. You don’t just show up to an audition and few seconds later find yourself in the middle of a gangbang, without knowing you will be the hub connecting them together, like spokes on a wheel.

You will be reporting to your seniors, all at the same time and in the same session.

Most people watch porn, which is why I believe it is disingenuous to make the “I didn’t know what I was getting myself into” argument. By saying it was a mistake, she want us to believe that she was this innocent little snowflake who accidentally stumbled into a porno set, not knowing what a porno set was, and stayed there for ten odd years because she didn’t know there was a way out, which is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Cognitive Bias Overload

As with any delusional pornstar that pretends the hundreds of pornos of her online won’t affect her chances of leading a normal carefree life, Sunny Leone is no different. Mia Khalifa at least admitted she was ashamed of her past, but not Strong and Independent Sunny Leone.

In an article, Sunny states,

“Everybody has their own opinion. It is completely fine with me if people tag me that way. This is a completely new world for me. People should judge me by how I conduct myself here. But I am not ashamed of my past neither can I change it

-Sunny Leone

Read that last line.

It’s a conflicting statement to make. It’s alright to say that you aren’t ashamed of your past, but why is that followed by “neither can I change it”?

Because there is a part of her that she wants to change it.

It is a past she believes she is better off without, hence the addition of that statement at the end which tells us how she really feels.

But She is Human!

Yes she is, but to suggest that all human beings deserve love just for the sake of existing; what are you, six years old?

Love and respect aren’t freebies distributed during events – they are earned by being an active participant in events that warrant it.

Gangbang sessions not included. No Sunny, I don’t care how many views you’ve garnered for them over the years, debasing yourself like that is not respectful.

Lets look at one example, you won’t earn respect from eating yourself into orbit, but will earn it from dieting and getting yourself into shape.

It’s not easy to attain a toned physique, which is why it receives the sort of praise and adulation it does. Whining and winching about it and trying to prop this up as an example of unfair treatment, only goes to show how entitled your delusional fat ass is.

Adele struggled to cut down her weight, and now she is a bombshell. Too bad our fatass acceptance fat asses don’t see it that way.

Back to our topic, Sunny is behaving in a similar fashion. She wants people to love and respect her for being the way she is. That is never going to happen, not because people are cruel and want to see her suffer, but because the mechanics responsible for generating respect don’t operate the way she thinks it should.

The only love you will receive from merely existing is from your parents.  Respect on the other hand, is always earned. You don’t earn respect by begging for it, because all you will receive from begging is pity. Some may feign respect, but that’s because they want you off their backs or are trying to virtue signal their way into your pants.

Smearing people as backwards and bigoted for not showing respect to a woman who repeatedly defiled herself on camera in exchange for money, only warrants their anger and disapproval, not their empathy and concern.

She Doesn’t Deserve So Much Hate!

No one hates her.

What people do hate however, is how mainstream media is trying to portray her as a victim of circumstance – and surprise, surprise – the patriarchy, when what she actually is, is a victim of her own bad decisions.

They want people to stop objectifying her and to treat her like any other human being, like as if they are completely oblivious to the fact that prior to joining Bollywood, she made a living off “objectifying” herself.

And she is still doing it, but in a professional way.

I know I’m being harsh, but tell me, how else do you expect people to understand they are being bamboozled into normalizing degenerate behavior? if I resort to the, “sorry”, “no offense but”, “I don’t mean any harm” or any of that soft language, it will lessen the impact of the statements I’ve made so far.

Soft language covers up the seriousness of the issue, which is why I say it like it is.

By accepting Sunny, we aren’t just accepting one woman back, but the baggage she comes along with. We are also accepting the unchallenged notion that it is entirely possible for a person to regain his or her innocence, after losing it in one of the worst ways possible.

When you enter porn, you sell your soul to the devil. There is no coming back from that.

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance!

No one deserves anything. You aren’t entitled to anything, and anything you do receive is either earned through blood, sweat and tears, whether they be yours or your predecessors.

As for the chance, she got a second chance. She was offered an opportunity in Bollywood, but she didn’t use it to redeem herself. She is still the erotic model that we all are familiar with, only this time with a bit more clothes on, without any of the penetrations involved.

She could have starred in movies portraying the horrors of the porn industry or of casting couches prevalent in Bollywood, but instead settled for what she is familiar with.

She says in one interview, I want to move on, but people don’t let me forget my past, even though she is comfortable in her skin, and cool about her past.

Look at the cognitive bias here, she is clearly lying about her being okay about her past, because she knows it’s not something to be okay about. There is nothing normal about sleeping around every single day with strangers, and film it for cash, and she knows it.

She is trying to fool herself, and us into thinking it is possible to start over; that there is a second chance in life that you can avail anytime.

There isn’t.

You Can’t Run Away From Yourself

I’ll tell you what she is struggling from, it’s not society’s oppressive view of women who make mistakes, nor is it men who won’t stop jerking off to her mistakes online.

She is suffering from the repercussions of her own actions.

She made the horrible decision of banging random men on camera for easy cash, and now wants everyone to magically swipe their memory clean of the debauchery she engaged in, prior to joining Bollywood.

The reason I keep repeating the fact that she slept with numerous men for cash, is because I know there are many of you out there who think this shouldn’t be stigmatized, in an attempt to appear more progressive. I keep bringing this up so that you will think about it, and realize why it is stigmatized.

There is a reason for that.

Some actions and topics are considered taboo for a very good reason.

And Now She Is a Feminist?

Or at least that’s what our feminist allies on the left want us to believe, because according to them, Sunny took ownership of herself, done letting men dictate her story, adopted a dark skinned baby girl from a village, donates regularly to charity, and has spoken on the #metoo movement.

Maybe she is a closet feminist, but afraid people won’t take her seriously because of the past we don’t want her to forget about.

But things are looking good for Sunny, and if she does comes out of the closet and assume the mantle of batshit crazy you go gurlism, her other batshit crazy counterparts will gladly come to the rescue and welcome her into the cult.

Welcome home!

I repeat, If Sunny comes out as a feminist, none of them will go,

“Sorry hun, but you made a career off objectifying yourself; you don’t have a place in our movement, in fact, you are a part of the problem. Encouraging men to jerk off to you isn’t empowering, it is degrading.”

Instead they will welcome her with open arms.

I mean why wouldn’t they? They have their own version of porn now, because who gives a damn about consistency anyway?

Consistency is a patriarchal notion after all.

But She Adopted an Orphan! She’s a Good Person!

This isn’t something new.

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie have done this to virtue signal about her stance against racism. Yes, this sounds like a very pessimistic observation to make, if I were making them without studying her reasons for wanting to adopt a black girl in the first place. She says she adopted three kids from different racial backgrounds because they came with “personalities” as opposed to her own flesh and blood that she termed as a mere “blob” absent of said personality.

Does her “blob “look happy to you?

You could argue and say that there are people who want to give orphans a place to call home, as well as a family to call their own, but this rarely happens with celebrities. Most, if not all celebrities, voice their concerns about immigration, sexism and what nots on social media, in an attempt to educate us imbeciles on the right way to solve them. They always assume the moral high ground and tell us what is right and what is wrong, to stroke their already overblown egos into supernovas.

An example of this is J.K Rowling’s incessant whining about how it was wrong of westerners to oppose illegal immigration, and that they ought to invite these thugs into their own homes, instead of shunning them away.

Some of them actually took her advice of integrating them into their society, and paid a heavy price for it here and here, while she and her $10 million Tasmanian mansion remains vacant, unless she decides to come over for a holiday or two.

She ignored the petition to accept refugees into her 18 spare rooms…I wonder why.

Back to Angelina Jolie, if you take a look at her biological daughter Shiloh, you can see what the problem is. If you think nothing is wrong, then maybe Bradd Pitt is just being transphobic. Also, after reading this, I’ve come to the conclusion that Angelina cares less for her own biological daughter.

I could be wrong, maybe she does care about her daughter, despite Angelina publicly stating that her biological daughter is a little neglected in the household due to her blond hair and blue eyes, because she was born privileged, while her adopted kids are more “vulnerable” in a dailymail post.

I bet you’d love to have Angelina as your Mom, that is if you are from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Maybe subscribing to liberal ideologies does this to a person’s outlook on life.

Which Is Why I Believe…   

Sunny is trying to redeem herself by becoming a feminist, adopting children, donating to charity and so on. I don’t believe she is doing it out of love, but out of necessity, in an attempt to erase her past by converting to the religion of wokeism and accumulating progressive brownie points in the form of social causes. Maybe she is trying to become to woke high priest.

And here’s what amuses me, she is still doing the exact same thing.

She hasn’t grown as an actress, instead she has settled for erotic displays of herself. But of course, she wants us to believe its people that don’t want her to change, instead of facing the fact the she constructed and advertised herself as a sex symbol, and that people don’t forget.

This isn’t evidence of oppression, but evidence that people aren’t as stupid as you think they are, in fact they are pretty darn informed.

She went from a sensational adult model to a Bollywood sensation. Note, she is still a “sensation”. Watch her Bollywood movies if you don’t believe me.

If she were serious about redeeming herself, she wouldn’t have joined show business. She would have laid low, like Asia Carrera who is now a stay at home mom, because she knows the world won’t forget her, and that her only option is to lay low.

Also, no man worth his salt would marry a pornstar. He won’t be able to satisfy such a woman, both sexually or spiritually, and god forbid if they bring kids into this world.

But Sunny got lucky again, and found someone to tie the knot with. Why Daniel Weber decided to commit to her is a mystery to me, but he must have seen something in her, and decided it was time he started making some mistakes as well.

Sunny knew he was the “one”, but in her Instagram post, it sounded like Sunny wasn’t actually interested in him at first, as it was only love at first sight for Daniel.

But Sunny knew he was the “one”, since he was the only “one” willing to wife her up.

No One Will Forget Sunny Leone

People aren’t going to forget you, as long as the internet exists.

Sorry Sunny, you made your bed, and now you have to sleep in it.

It could have been a bed of roses, but now it’s a semen encrusted bed of regrets.

Either accept the harsh reality and use your platform to educate women on why it’s detrimental to flaunt their bodies for quick cash, or you will delude yourself into thinking it’s the world that needs to change, and persist in that delusional thought, till the end of your days.

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