Feminism makes me cringe again, and this time the cringe is so hard, I can feel it in my mouth.

Sorry folks, I tried, but they’ve really done it this time.

I used to think it was only the extreme, bat-shit crazy ones who actually believed this, but after reading a couple of articles and posts online, I realized I couldn’t just ignore it anymore, for the Lord hath revealed unto me, that this bat-shit craziness has spread its virus faster than the coronavirus has, which when you think about it, is quite the remarkable feat.

And now it’s every goddamn feminist who believes this, in one way or another. It’s gotten so bad, that even young women have started to fall prey to this “All men are born rapists” rhetoric, which is witnessed by their reaction every time a woman gets raped by some deranged lunatic.

It’s men that have to be educated. Yeah all of them, since they ALL had something to do with it!

If you believe rape is symptomatic of male sexuality, then welcome to feminism fuck-o-one. You’re now officially a part of the problem.

I think I’ll operate on this single comment for the rest of the article, seeing how much depth I can go into this topic that shouldn’t even exist if we were being honest about the situation.

Don’t teach women to avoid getting raped, teach men to not rape!

Sure, why didn’t we think of that?

On a similar note, don’t teach people to lock their doors, teach the burglars not to rob. Don’t teach people to invest, teach them to become dependent on a single source of inco- now wait a minute…

The moment you realize slavery still exists, and you’re in it

No one actively teaches their children to become burglars, unless they are suffering from extreme poverty. Likewise, those who teach children that women are objects to be abused and forced into submission in the most degrading manner possible, are suffering from a poverty of refined thought and culture, and guess what?

You don’t find people like them in civilized parts of the world – those parts of the world that majority of you feminists live in.

This slogan also makes a very disturbing assumption. It tells us that men are born to sexually exploit women, and the only way is to restrain their obsession with rape is by conducting special afternoon classes every Tuesdays and Wednesdays, teaching men not to force women to get kinky with them.

Unfortunately for our feminist allies, most men don’t harbour those sort of violent fantasies, so they have to make shit up, or take examples of extreme acts committed by criminals on women, and use that broad brush of theirs to paint the crime onto the entire sex, right after they are done stroking their egos with it.

We can blame them all!

Most men desire to sexually dominate their woman, but they don’t want to sexually abuse her till she is drenched in blood. The kind of men that do this sort of thing, are criminally insane. You think those special classes of yours are going to be effective? You can’t school a criminal, which is why we have prisons.

Also, there are several instances where a woman commits heinous crimes against her own children, but do we infer that the behavior is a symptom of her femininity?

Of course not! We rightly assume that the woman was mentally deranged and has to get locked up in a mental ward for her own good.

Men don’t use our broad brushes very much, and if we do use them it’s for trivial matters like, “Everyone needs to watch football!”, or “You’re a pussy if you don’t drink!”

You don’t drink? Oh I get it, you’re a little bitch who can’t handle alcohol, its aight. I get it, now run along, and play with your dollies and don’t forget to drink your milk!

By saying “Teach all men” you are also vilifying the healthy sexual desires men have. You are telling men to be ashamed of their sexuality, and any feelings of attachment or arousal that a man harbors towards women is sick and vile.

I will admit, there are cultures out there that take it to an extreme, but here’s a fun fact, your feminist allies won’t even approach them, IN FACT they go out of their way to support their cause.

You know exactly where I’m going with this.

Introducing the Hijab

I know lots of you will take issue with this, but I don’t believe it is something women get to choose. It is treated as a duty – a code of moral ethics they are expected to adhere to, not a fashion statement our western counterparts would like to think it is.

If you happen to disagree, do read through this detailed conversation from a website that sells hijabs and provides a separate column where you can ask questions and receive advice on all hijab related content.

I have also read the sources from an islamic website, and they clearly state that a women’s body is awarah which translates into genitalia. Soft language disguises it as a “soft exposed area that could be easily harmed” but ask any Imam worth his salt, and they will tell you what it really means. They say a women’s entire body is awarah, which is why she has to cover it up from head to toes.

Google obligation.
Go on, do it, you wannabe intellectual.

Similarly, a man’s body is also considered awarah, but it doesn’t extend very far. Excuse the pun.

Men have less to cover, when compared to women, and the pressure is always on women to adhere to them, as they are constantly barraged by western influence to break away from tradition.

Bottomline is, women are expected to dress modestly just like men are, but it is to fulfill a religious obligation. It isn’t a choice.

And your female friends from the west want to transform this obligation into a fashion statement.

Here’s Another Way of Looking at it

We cover up that which we are ashamed of. We are brought up to view the public display of ones genitalia as shameful, while the feminists have programmed themselves to view this covering of genitalia as a sign of male dominance, only to add in another snippet of code that overrides the current one which converts the said sign of dominance into one of modesty, when it concerns a religion that shall not be named.

And for some mysterious reason, feminists support the hijab and burkha saying it’s a sign of women empowerment, while the women forced to wear them are fighting tooth and nail to take them off. That is all the evidence you will ever need to show that feminists are not your allies. The feminists are in some sort of twisted love affair with hijabs.

If she did have the freedom to show her body, then why hide it?

Why are they parading the hijab as a fashion statement, when in reality it is a religious duty? Is it the over 6000 verses in the Quran that talk about veiling women that should take precedence, or some clueless fool who knows nothing about the religion and its people that should? YOU tell me.

Speaking of the hijab,

I’d rather marry a woman wearing the hijab, than a feminist parading around in duct tape, showing her support for a cause that generates untold misery for the very people it claims to support.

Why Does Rape Happen?

Let’s look into that, now shall we?

Why does it happen?

I can only explain it the way I’ve understood it.

Rape isn’t just an extreme form of sexual gratification, it’s also one of extreme dominance. People who commit this crime don’t view their victims as human beings, but as objects to be toyed around with.

Men who rape women genuinely believe they are superior to them, and hence justified in treating them like cattle; a self-fulfilling prophesy of a sort. Women who rape preadolescent boys or girls share the same predatory mindset and often escape unscathed, or with a lighter sentence, since their victims are somehow considered lucky, to have a sexual encounter with a smoking hot teacher.

More than the sex itself, it’s the rush of dominating their victims that they can’t seem to get enough of. Children are easy targets, which is why pedophiles chase after them. Pedophiles find their innocence and vulnerability sexually arousing, which is why they are hated throughout the world.

Attempts at trying to normalize this diseased sexual attraction as another form of “sexual orientation” by mainstream outlets like Vice News, received the sort of backlash it did, because unfortunately for them, we still value our kids safety and sanity. Just look at the number of dislikes this video has garnered.

Rapists share the same mentality, only that their victims are either men or women. They want to be in control, and watching you break down is what turns them on.

They are sick in the head, and listening to news reports about their heinous crimes makes me want to go shotgun shopping.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that in India.

Guns are illegal, but communal violence is halal.

As an Added Bonus, Lets Tackle Two More Guilt Tripping Comments made by Feminists

You can under no circumstance justify rape, Never!

You’re right. There is no excuse for committing such a heinous crime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions.

Questions like “what was she wearing?” suggests that what she was wearing could have been one of the factors that led to her rape. Such questions are inappropriate, but it can be asked. Stop policing thoughts – people have every right to ask that question.

I don’t believe it is fair to directly attribute what a woman wore, to her getting raped – you have to account for other factors such as the country she was in, the place she was at, and what time she decided to stroll in.

Was she wearing a saucy looking outfit, slamming tequila shots at a nightclub down in Mexico at two in the morning, or was she moderately dressed and at the church at two in the afternoon?

What do you think?

She got raped! You have no say in the matter!

You expect men to keep their mouth shut when an issue like this turn up?

Aren’t you making a blanket statement when you suggest we ought to educate boys to not rape? Aren’t you indirectly implying that ALL men, regardless of age, had something to do with this?

Almost all articles penned by feminist on this issue share the same sentiment of “believe women”. They say it’s the media that perpetuates false rape accusations, not the women making those false accusations. It’s never the women’s fault, its either the man who had nothing to do with it, or some patriarchal related shenanigans that put her there.

They want you to believe, just for the sake of being.

Read this news report of a woman who accused Mr.Bad Boy of raping her, because her husband found out about her affair with Mr.Bad Boy. She convinced her husband that the relationship went on for as long as it did, because Mr.Bad Boy had allegedly raped her, recorded it, and blackmailed her with it.

Turns out, she was lying to save her marriage from falling apart – a thought that never cross her mind while she was busy getting down and dirty with Mr.Bad Boy. Her brilliant plan was to push Mr.Bad Boy over the cliff and live happily ever after with the husband she had cucked on several occasions, but unfortunately for her, Mr.Bad Boy was no pussy. He didn’t subscribe to any of that “believe all women” bullshit and stood up for himself in the court of law, and now she is facing the heat.

Justice served, gentlemen.

Here’s another example of a strong and independent women, abusing the privilege granted to her.

Decline Is The New Norm

Unfortunately, this is reality. It’s a dangerous world out there, both for men as well as women, with women having to take extra precautions to ensure their safety.

The world is not sick or cruel, it just is.

And we will only get closer to solving this issue if we join hands, as opposed to letting the wedge of feminism cleave us apart.

But that’s never going to happen, so screw it.

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