It isn’t an easy topic to bring up, nor is it a topic you’d ever want to bring up because the word itself has some “Depressing” effects.

It elicits a shock that can’t be shrugged off by the people who care about you.

It makes some curious, and they will keep prodding you with deeply insensitive question like,
“Where you always like that?”
“What does it feel like?”
“You’re not planning on killing yourself or anything are you? Hahaha! Ah, sorry I was just kidding. Hey, you don’t have to take it so seriously! Its not like you’re depress- oh wait…”

So you decide to keep it under wraps.

And while it remains hidden, it festers into various areas of your life, siphoning your joys one after another into the abyss, until all that’s left of you is a broken empty shell.

But don’t fret my dear friend, for the black dog pays a visit to every person’s life, so while you’re down in the dumps now, they too will join you shortly and proclaim, “Ah, so this is what you’ve been talking about all those years.”

But you’ll be out by then. Of course you will, since you’ve decided to rid yourself of this disease, I know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ll make it to the other side.

Look, I’m not selling you on anything. I’ve had my fair share of struggles, and depression has been one of those struggles. Its my wish that you benefit from what I have to say. I wish I had someone to tell me what I am about to disclose to you now.

Its a Disease of The Mind

First you have to understand depression, what it is and how it burrows its way into our psyche.

I’m sure you’ve had people tell you to just “get over it” like it’s a hangover from boozing too much. What most fail to realize is depression is a disease of the mind. People aren’t depressed, but they are suffering from it. It’s the eternal hangover.

You might be thinking of supporting yourself with medication, and if that is how you feel, I advise you to cast that thought aside. Don’t view yourself as a handicap that can only thrive by clinging onto his wheelchair. That wheelchair of medication will only serve to handicap you further, until you become an actual handicap – one that cannot live without his medication.

Anti-depressants tend to be addictive, and the tolerance towards the medicine tends to increase, so effectively you end up taking higher doses to relieve yourself of those feelings of hopelessness, misery and sorrow that depression presents you with. The medicines are designed to numb you and keep you in a trance. It’s a horrible way to live, because you are asleep but pretending to be awake.

What you need to know is that you have the strength inside of you to overcome this disability. It’s a temporary handicap and can be resolved, but the first step is to convince yourself that it is possible, that you truly have the power to effect change in your life, change that brings growth into your life. Me telling you that won’t suffice, through your own actions and experience you must convince yourself that you are up for the challenge.

I will warn you, progress will be painfully slow and dull, but you will not give up. You have it in you to push past this boogie man and reclaim your right to live under the sun.

Take The First Step

Here’s what you’re going to do, you will wake up at a fixed time say 6:00 and sleep at say 10:00. Fix that pattern first and turn that into a habit. Don’t proceed onto the next step unless you’ve nailed this into your psyche. Spend and entire month working on this until you wake up every single day at the exact same time. 

Your body requires adequate rest, don’t deny it its basic necessities. Chances are you view yourself with contempt and don’t think you are worthy of love and comfort. To
banish these thoughts, you start by taking care of yourself.

After you’ve implemented that routine, you can move onto the next step which involves buying yourself a pair of shoes. I don’t care if you already have one, go and buy yourself another pair. You’re going to start jogging from next day onwards, every morning, and you will only use them for jogging.

Yes, in the morning. Stop whining.

Bring a friend. Or a dog.

5-10 minutes will suffice for your first trip. After a week of jogging, slowly raise the bar and spend more time working at it. You should be drenched in sweat by the time you reach home. Keep at it until you can comfortably jog for 30 minutes, which will happen in a month’s time or two.

Enjoy the sight of the morning mist and the smell of the grass, as you jog past them. Take it all in. This will rejuvenate you and give you a taste of what life is like on the other side of the fence.

I want you to keep coming back to this article and see if you’ve maintained the prescribed routine. You will cry, fuss and have mental outbursts, but you will follow through.

What Were We Hoping to Achieve Here?

You are building a fortress that will serve as your stronghold . Habits are the building blocks of that fortress. They also behave like charms that ward off the thick black mists of depression and keeps your citadel clean of its influence.

                                The groundwork. Thats what you’ve been focusing on.

This exercise was intended to show you the power of establishing routines and how it uplifts the soul. Telling you the benefits of enforcing a routine won’t be as convincing as you experiencing them.

But that is only the first step, you’re laying down the foundation. Lay them down properly, wait for the cement to harden and develop the strength it will require to support the structure that will rest on top of it.

If you think you’re ready, then move onto the next article in this series W?YD?Part-II.

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