Welcome to another edition of Feminism Makes Me Cringe!

Today, we will look into another attempt at feminists trying to guilt trip men into accepting their degenerate notions of equality!

But before that,

Do I drink?

Rarely, if ever. I used to drink back in college, but even then it was once or twice a month, and yes, it was enjoyable, until the hangover kicked in. I never blacked out, but I did puke after having one too many drinks, and let me tell you this, it wasn’t enjoyable.

I won’t deny it though, I always had a great time when I went boozing with friends. We’d have random chitchats, get into silly arguments, or see who can finish their bottles first, but that’s about it.

I don’t see myself drinking ten years from now. I know just how addictive it can be, and the last thing I’d want is to end up with is an alcohol addiction.

Believe me, you don’t want that in your life.

But saying that isn’t going to convince you, which is why I came up with this brief exchange with the feminist in my head, to drive that point back home.

Why are women shamed for enjoying a drink – something thats commonly enjoyed by the opposite sex?

Instead of looking at the activity and judging it by its merits and demerits, you are looking at it through the eyes of a three-year-old.

“Sam gets to stay up all night, why do I have to go to bed by 9?!”

Instead of,

“Sam gets to stay up all night, but wakes up late, skips his breakfast and sleeps throughout the day, unlike me who sleeps early but wakes up on time, eats breakfast and remains active throughout the day.”

Most of your arguments, if not ALL of them boil down to,

“Hey! If boys get to do eX-wY-Zee, then so should we!”


Answer my question!

It’s simple, you don’t have to be ashamed.

Saying someone can make you feel a certain way shows you are unconsciously giving away power to any Tom, Dick and Sexist Harry that crosses your path. You are the sole author and governor of your personal space; don’t let the opinions of others dig their way into your domain.

But if we are being realistic, it is very difficult to choose to feel a certain way, irrespective of external influences, and I bet most of us have yet to achieve that level of emotional mastery.

Stop changing the subject! Why can’t women drink? Men get to do it and they get zero crap for it!

Men get zero crap for drinking?

You have to be blind to believe that.

It’s not that men don’t get criticized for drinking, but that men don’t give a damn when it happens. We are incredibly stubborn, and it allows us to deflect comments from our parents, relatives, friends, priests and society, no matter how drenched in emotion and concern it may be.

Bottomline is we care less.

Nope, still don’t give a fuck.

Women on the other hand, can’t seem to ignore those nasty comments directed towards them.

And besides, alcohol isn’t an elixir of youth and prosperity, and last time I checked, there’s nothing empowering about drinking yourself into a coma. It’s a bad decision to start drinking and to view it as a lifestyle choice.

They are adults and last time I checked, adults can make their own decisions!

Adults can make their own decisions with the assumption that they are willing to take responsibility for their actions.

So yes, adults can make their own decisions, but there isn’t a law written anywhere that you can’t criticize them for their choices.


Because you are an adult when you are capable of adequately handling setbacks that naturally occur in the pursuit of any endeavor, no matter how big or small.

We assume an adult has what it takes to get things done and take responsibility when things don’t turn out the way he anticipated it would, or if he stumbles upon roadblocks in the process.

When an adult starts a business, you think he doesn’t receive criticism?

“Why are you taking such a risk?”

“What if things don’t work out?”

“You do realize just how stressful it can be right?”

If you are capable of handling those responsibilities, then you are entirely capable of handling criticisms.

Which is the whole point of being strong and independent.

But here you are, bitching and moaning about people giving you a dirty look, and seeking to resolve this issue by begging Daddy Government to violently intervene.

It’s only you babies that are pushing for such laws because your precious feelings might get hurt. Accusing people for committing thought crimes, or passing mean comments does not warrant anything of the sort.

Go to North Korea or China if you want to see such laws in action, and its devastating effects on the populace.

So you are telling me that women shouldn’t drink?!

It’s not like they aren’t allowed to drink, there is no law that forbids women from drinking.

Its people’s opinions about women drinking that they can’t seem to ignore.

Read that again, Women can drink; no one is preventing you from getting hammered enough to drive your car into the house and start freaking out because someone broke into your house and took you as hostage in the driver seat, with that someone being YOU.

Yeah, alcohol can make you think like that.

I swear officer, I was drugged and forced to drive into my own house! The guy? oh he vanished the moment I became sober.

There are cases where women are filmed and harnessed while standing in front of beverage stands! Are you’re saying this is okay? Shame on you!

I don’t believe it is right to film people without their consent, but considering how it is a public zone, there are no laws put to prevent them from filming you.

It is disrespectful and not something I would advocate, but unfortunately, these aren’t things you can control, unless you push for laws that criminalize it, which I believe is a bad idea.

How will you regulate such a law? How do you know if the accused really did film the accuser? He or she could delete the video to avoid getting caught. It’s a tricky situation and a headache that the police are better without. If you are a commie then I bet you don’t see any problem with enforcing a surveillance state because you are a weak minded fool who wants to control everybody else since you can’t control yourself. You can’t just ignore people, they trigger you and hence Daddy government has to step in to stop them from triggering you into a an early death.

All of that aside, maybe you could come up with something creative, surprise me.

But the fact remains, that most people don’t engage in such acts, unless they are drunk, or misogynistically drunk on their brand of sexism.

Woah, I think I just switched sides.

Word Salad anyone?

But I will say this, I believe people are better off without alcohol.

Enjoying a drink here and there is fine, but that’s not how most treat it. It eventually turns into a full blown addiction and I’ve seen what that does to a person, but if people want to ignore the numerous statistics and observations made on long term alcohol use, they have a right to do so.

What I do take issue with is how this is being seen as a sign of inequality that ought to be addressed, when it clearly isn’t.

You are promoting misogynistic notions that push women away from attaining true freedom!

What is that even supposed to mean? What are these misogynistic notions? And what is this “true freedom” you speak of? 

Not wanting women to dive into our drinking culture? How is that a bad thing? Look at it this way, Drinking adds nothing of value to your life. It has killed more people than any other drug, even cocaine.

We all know just how therapeutic cocaine can be for the body, now imagine something more therapeutic.

Drinking is fun, until it isn’t. It can reach a stage where it takes over and force you to neglect everything else.

We hold women up to higher standards, which is why there is a push against latching this degenerate culture of ours, onto women.

Drinking is a vice you are better off without, but if you view this as impeding to your progress towards “true freedom”, then you ought to look into what it is that defines this “true freedom” of yours.

We live in a world where people judge each other, and when you whine about it, they will judge you more. Keep digging your own grave.

Learn to adapt, or move to a place that fits your idea of freedom.

Men get all the privileges and you know that!

Yes we do. We also receive the fine privilege of dying in workplace related accidents, drug overdoses, drunken driving, four times the suicide rates of women, less concern for our lives, reduced overall happiness and much more.

So gosh darn privileged aren’t we!

You’re a lying sexist pig who hates himself!

Ahh, you’ve run out of arguments to make, and resorted to ad hominine remarks.

What can I say, those are the consequences of getting misogynistically drunk on my unique blend of sexism.

If we can have internalized misogyny, then I’m pretty sure we are capable of having internalized misandry.

Equality, right?

So Women,

Maybe you still disagree, and believe women are oppressed against by an illuminati-esque, all powerful organization called the patriarchy which prevents them from drinking themselves into depression.

If that’s the world you want to live in just to make a point, then go ahead. Keep living inside that fantasy world of yours, while the rest of us back here on planet Earth go about our daily life, minding our own business and enjoy a couple of drinks.

Of course, we aren’t going to give you any.

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