A tactical ploy employed by the rich to snare people into indentured servitude. People say its important to get a job, because becoming a slave is something everyone ought to aspire towards.

I mean c’mon, you’re being paid for the time you spend working! It’s arrogant of you to expect more! So what if you have provided more in terms of value; you spend forty hours at the job just like everyone else!

And the slave enterprise you’ve signed up for offers many additional benefits they promise to provide in return for cutting off a portion of your salary and sanity each month.

Say you get into an accident that doesn’t kill you; your company will pay off the medical bill! Kind of.

I understand that Mr.Timmy met with an accident and fractured every single bone in his body, but the budget specified in the agreement only covers the medical expenses for a single fractured bone.

Say you get involved in an accident that sends you shooting off into the stars – your parents will receive monetary benefit from the company that almost worked you to death, but couldn’t.

The “unfortunate accident” got to you first.

And say it’s a company sponsored unfortunate accident, the company will raise the monetary benefit your parents will receive, while also paying a fine to the government for giving you a lifelong break instead of working you into retirement.

Could it get any better than that?

Why We Get Jobs

It would be nice if we weren’t so disappointed with our lives.

It would have been nice of we were taught to invest in ourselves first, before stepping out into the open.

It would have been nice if a smokin hot model was waiting back home for me to engage in some extracurricular activities, but life just is.

And none of those things generate a productive workforce; keeping people miserable does.

So we get jobs thinking if we worked hard enough that smokin hot model with bags of cash will magically appear on our bed, staring intently at us for our extracurricular sessions to commence.

Hot model on bed, Check.
Staring intently at me, Check.
Bags of cash…Where’s my freakin’ money?!

We get jobs because we think that’s our only option. The money we make is not enough, so we work harder or switch companies in hopes of finding that one job that will pay enough to compensate for the stress and workload, and hopefully finance our trips and weekend outings.

The corporate world loves this dilemma, because they profit from it. They want us to scurry around like rats, fantasizing about that promotion or raise, which is nothing more than a few dozen peanuts from their side.

Essentially, they receive a workforce that works themselves to death by default, and they only have to maintain the illusion of “Hardwork Leads to Success” by dangling that smokin hot carrot in from of us.

Thank you school, for the slave induction process.

And they do a really good job of convincing you that you are earning enough, receiving enough benefits from the company, and that your desire for more is a pathology; an indication of your entitlement complex. You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

But really, why would anyone willingly put themselves through all that stress and stay up late trying to make someone else richer as that someone laughs his way to the bank in his Ferrari? When will you get your Ferrari? When will you laugh your way to the bank in your imaginary Ferrari?

And There’s a Limit

To how much you can earn from a job, no matter which rung on the corporate ladder you wish to occupy. You will never visit certain places, or buy certain things because you will never have the purchasing power to do so.

Things are expensive as they already are, and whatever increments we receive aren’t significant enough to radically transform our standard of living.

Sure, we can make ends meet, but if you factor in the ridiculous workload and the stress it induces, they ought to be paying us a lot more than what they currently are.

I love my job! Look at how stressed it makes me! At least they are paying me few peanuts more than the average Joe…

But whatever increment they offer is insignificant as mentioned earlier, so we either stay or switch over to another job, and even if we switch there is still that income barrier we can’t overcome for performing the work we are skilled at.

Money Doesn’t Matter

So we defer to the “Money is for greedy scumbags” mentality to justify our lack of wealth.

Money isn’t important, I mean come on, its not like our entire livelihood depends on it. Its not like food and shelter is bought using that green stuff. Mother Nature can provide for everyone and besides, I’m happy with what I have!

“Money is Not Important”

Of course it is.

Only a fool would say that it isn’t important, and if you honestly believe that money is just a “piece of paper”, then why work for it? Why spend hours slaving away at a cubicle financing that someone’s trip in a Ferrari to the bank?

Either you’re dumb, or a dumb masochist.

No Pain, no gain carnal delight.

Greedy Little Masochist

Working for money is not a bad thing.

I’m pretty sure you’d agree with that line of logic, but working for money till that work pushes you into a wheelchair is something I find deeply disturbing.

I don’t know, maybe its because I’m suffering from an entitlement complex but still,

I hate the idea of having to work to gain experience so that I can use that experience to bag another job that hopefully pays more than the last one but induces enough stress to blow my head off.

But at the end of the day, no matter how much the pay, there is only a limit to how much they are willing to pay.

I should become a rapper.

At least it pays; money and bitches being the payroll.

Why Won’t They Pay Me More?

The work you perform is either mediocre, or can be easily satisfied by anyone else. It doesn’t require a set of extraordinary skills to fry an omelette, but it does if you’re trying to prepare a world class cuisine.

Most of us hate our jobs.

Signature dish: Omurice

If that weren’t the case, you wouldn’t be reading this. The omurice shown above is prepared by a Chef Motokichi Yukimura and its his signature dish. He turned a simple dish into a world-renowned delicacy. How?

Because he loves his work.

If you don’t love your work, then you won’t see any opportunity for improvement. You are only there for the paycheck at the end of every month, and there is only so much you are willing to do for something you don’t enjoy doing.

Most restaurants have chef who prepare the exact same dishes each day, and find it mundane, which is why the taste is mediocre.

CEO’s don’t find their work dull and mundane and try to escape from it, because they enjoy being thrust into stressful situations they have little to no experience handling. They enjoy uncertainty, and gain immense satisfaction from tackling them.

Likewise, if you hate your work then you will hate your job. You will see your job as shackles that chain you to your desk for 8-10 hours each day.

People like Elon Musk or Chef Motokichi Yukimura view their work as a form of entertainment. For Elon Musk, its like playing chess where every move counts, while for Motokichi Yukimura, its like playing a sport where timing is everything.

But I Hate My Job!

You have two options; one is to remain in that field and hope you will magically develop interest in it, and the other option is to pursue a side hustle.

If you cannot envision yourself working at the same job ten years in the future, then by all means, work on something else during your free time.

It won’t be easy, and it might feel a though you have nothing of value to share with the world, but if you nurture your interests long enough, it will eventually blossom into flowers you can decorate the world with.

Tell Me More About This Side Hustle

A side hustle is any activity you find interesting that has a potential of generating income.

My side hustle is blogging – writing to be precise. I started blogging with the intent turning it a source of income. I haven’t achieved anything as of yet, but I what I have noticed as I nurtured my habit is, I started enjoying it.

Even though I started it with the intention of transforming it into a form of passive income, I will continue doing it regardless of the outcome because its become deeply rewarding. I didn’t except this to happen, because at spending hours trying to piece things together on a digital document was a tedious task. It still is, but I enjoy it.

And the crazy thing about it is it feels as though I’ve already won. I’m doing what I love, and it has become an integral part of my life, where not a day goes by without making an entry or two.

So if someone makes fun of my writing, I will continue writing like nothing ever happened after I’m done burying his body, because I enjoy it.

Burying people will slowly become one of my hobbies.

Say I do somehow find a way to monetize my writing, it will only behave as an incentive to perform better. Maybe I can quit my job and pursue writing as a career.

So similarly, you could pursue something like painting, public speaking, martial arts when you aren’t busy with your work.

It won’t be easy, especially if you lack interests that could benefit others, but if you have something that can sustain and strengthen your spirit, then that’s all you will ever need.

When you achieve this milestone, opportunities will turn up. Those opportunities can be monetized, but I’m not going to speak too much on that because I haven’t encountered any so far. It would be hypocritical of me to speak on matters I have no experience with, which is why I categorized this article as a rant.

That being said, its when you develop interest in your work that you become keen and observant. This helps widen your radar and you become more proficient at identifying and capturing stray opportunities.

I will definitely write on them, once I encounter them myself and guide you through the process.

That is a promise.

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